Fay Victor’s Mutations For Justice – Vision Festival 23 (2018)

Mutations for Justice is a rolling diary of the Trump administration using  small compositional mantras or ‘memes’. The minimalist framework is built on repetition and developed through improvisation. Chanting protest music as a mutable entity to change how we see.
Conception, words & music written by Fay Victor.
The culmination of Mutations For Justice will be a recording project of 45 pieces in 2020.
Some of the subjects covered in Mutations for Justice pieces are on immigration, gun violence, Stormy Daniels, poverty, race, the economy and creative license.

Band members include
Fay Victor (voice, composer)
Jaimie Branch (trumpet),
Luke Stewart (double bass)  
Michael Vatcher (drums)

“The members of Mutations for Justice…began their performance by entering from offstage, carrying electronic candles and chanting a wordless incantation. The whole proceeding had a serious, consciousness-lifting air about it, but was not without a sense of wry humor. The same can be said for their music, which married loose, elastic funk grooves with hooky melodies and hot-tempered lyrics. The project was started by Fay Victor as a way to document her anger throughout the Trump administration, and with titles like “Wikileaks” and “Stormy Daniels, I Love You,” her songs did indeed capture the tumult and absurdity of our times.”  – Brian Zimmerman, Jazziz Magazine (on the Mutations for Justice launch on May 26, 2018)

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