Dear Friends,

In December 2017, I opened up the Evolving Series Festival (by Arts for Art) with a new project called Mutations for Justice (Mantras for Change). I wanted to write small pieces (composed and text-based) about the political reality we’re all in right now. As an information drenched society – I wanted the texts to be repetitive, like a meme. easily subliminal perhaps leading to change.  This is ambitious of course but the fear of other words taking over makes me dream even bigger and feel even stronger that these words must be said. Simply.

That concert in December with bassist Luke Stewart and drummer Michael Vatcher was a great start – so many things went well. Our next outing is on the Vision Festival 23 adding to the trio trumpeter Jaimie Breezy Branch with a bunch of new music I’ve written for the occasion as well.

Mutation:  the changing of the structure of a gene, resulting in a variant form that may be transmitted to subsequent generations, caused by the alteration of single base units in DNA, or the deletion, insertion, or rearrangement of larger sections of genes or chromosomes.

What is the Mutations for Justice Project?

Mutations for Justice are a series of small composition mantras or ‘memes’ out of the need to articulate political ideas in a minimalist repetitive framework further developed through improvisation. Chanting and utilizing protest music as a mutable entity to change how we see. Words and music written by Fay Victor, these pieces will mingle with a fantastic group of improvisors adding their personal spin on the Mutations. This performance is the beginning of a developing project for Victor, who plans to write Mutations for Justice pieces throughout the Trump Administration as a document to memory of living in this time. The culmination of Mutations For Justice will be a recording project of 40 pieces in 2020.

Mutations for Justice – Vision Festival 23
Fay Victor – voice, compositions
Jaimie ‘Breezy’ Branch – trumpet
Luke Stewart – double bass
Michael Vatcher – drums
SAT May 26 2018

Full 🎥 here:

Cover for the new Espdisk Release WET ROBOTS, design by Diane Kirschief

The idea of developing an avant-garde ‘dance’ group has been on my mind for sometime. I love dance music, was a club head myself (even a member of the legendary Paradise Garage).  As an improvisor I’ve wanted to develop a project that you can move to while still enabling deep improvising spaces to play in. In thinking about this for a few years – the idea of what that group looked very different.  Then there was the beginning of the SoundNoise Trio that inadvertently lead to an avant project….from the kernel comes out a new corn.

I started SoundNoise with drummer/percussionist Reggie Nicholson and soprano saxophonist Sam Newsome in 2015 as an open exploration that hit hard our first time out. As SoundNoise performed, I thought about how to pursue improvisation at the core of the group while keeping a pulse in the music that was organic and alive.  Arriving at SoundNoiseFUNK (the addition of guitarist Joe Morris), a funk-driven free improvisational unit with a penchant for exploring this and more sonic terrain while keeps the groove going. SoundNoiseFUNK has performed on the Vision Festival, Capital Bop (Wash. DC), New Revolution Arts, the Arts for Art InGarden Series and most recently at the WinterJazzFest 2018 where Downbeat magazine had this to say about the group’s performance:

…while Morris astounded with his staccato runs, sounding at times like a cross between Johnny Smith and James “Blood” Ulmer, and Newsome showcased his expansive vocabulary, alternately making his straight horn sound like a digeridoo, a duck call, a fuzz guitar, it was Victor’s finesse, ferocity and freestyle abandon that led the way. Watch for the upcoming debut recording on the ESP-Disk label by this extraordinary musical collective.”-Bill Milkowski, Downbeat Magazine

I am very excited about the group and project…look forward to sharing the music with you all. And keep your eyes on the FV gig pages as the SoundNoise TRIO will hit the road in Fall 2018!

Fay Victor – voice, text, conceptualist
Sam Newsome – soprano saxophone
Joe Morris – electric guitar
Reggie Nicholson – drums
Recorded August 4, 2017 at Park West Studios

“If jazz is the sound of surprise, this album startles – a sonic funhouse of left turns.  The band floats in its own space, untethered by a bass. Morris’ guitar moves like a snake. Newhouse keens, taps, sighs on the straight horn. Nicholson makes his percussion set-ip a skittering, rattling thing. Then there is Fay her voice…as attuned to unfettered expression as Albert Ayler’s tenor.”

-Bradley Bambarger
From the liner notes of Wet Robots
Read complete review here:
Learn more at

SoundNoiseFUNK w Reggie Nicholson, FV, Joe Morris & Sam Newsome after Wet Robots CD release show on April 28 2018

Dear Friends,

I am so proud to be part of a 14 member Collective called We Have Voice.  We got together via email, group meetings and Google hangouts to first draft an Open Letter that stressed zero tolerance for sexual harassment in any form. Then we drafted a Code of Conduct : To Promote Safe(r) Workspaces in the Performing Arts that officially launched on May 1, 2018 (International Workers Day). The launch was buoyed by great coverage in the New York Times, NPR, and There is less information on where to go as performing arts workspaces are fluid, sometimes blurry.  Most artists have no HR department to go to.  We felt strongly that this document helps to bring awareness and clarity. The title of ‘SAFER(R)’ speaks to our intersectional lens as a group, the understanding that ‘safe’ doesn’t register the same for all of us.  We see this as inspiring and inclusive document.  We understand that abuse can happen to anyone. We Have Voice is a multi-ethnic collective from diverse backgrounds, sexual orientations, ages, and career trajectories.  This has been inspiring work with an incredible group.

Other than myself, the Collective is: Ganavya Doraiswamy, Imani Uzuri, Jen Shyu, Kavita Shah, Linda May Han Oh, María Grand, Nicole Mitchell, Okkyung Lee, Rajna Swaminathan, Sara Serpa, Tamar Sella, Terri Lyne Carrington and Tia Fuller.

Code of Conduct : To Promote Safe(r) Workspaces in the Performing Arts



Stone House at Yaddo…an artist’s residency in the foothills of the Adirondacks

Greetings from Sarasota Springs! I’m here on a a music composition residency that lasts about 6 weeks and I just passed the two week mark.  Yaddo is an amazing place (as you can see from the photos) deeply conducive to creativity.  My fellow fellows are incredible and accomplished making it inspiring to be here and talk about creativity and process with so many self possessed and well formed artists of different disciplines.

As beautiful as all of this is and it is – I’m here to write about one of the most painful and life changing events of my entire life – the death of my mother.  Hers was sudden and unexpected and I was just 19 and my sister, 17 at the time.  The anniversary of her passing was just a few days ago – 33 years before and I am astounded at how embedded some pain is and yet I’m grateful and humbled at the opportunity to spend needed time in this space and create a work which I hope will honor her memory and all the great lessons I’ve taken with me from her. And so much more. I do find it hard to mix admin things (such as sending mailings etc…) while working on the piece. It takes longer to come back to earth 🙂

I will keep you all posted for sure on the completion of the piece and when it will be performed.  I’m aiming for Spring 2019 in New York City.

In other news – I’m headed back to the city around March 5th and shortly after that, I’ll start up my CREATIVE IMPROVISATION Course III starting on March 13 2018 and running for 5 weeks until April 10, 2018 in Brooklyn. Always a pure blast to teach vocalists and musicians alike how to use and enjoy their voices in creative and freeing ways. Let me know if you or someone you know is interested.

And yes…still tweaking the website and will update the GIG, and Discography sections shortly! There’s lots of news to share with you for the Spring into the summer and I will get that up to date….

In closing, I’m attaching a video of a solo vocal piece.  I started working out the contours for a Solo Vocal Project aside from the piece I’m writing for my mother.  Have a listen at the link.

Thanks for reading and listening and if you or anyone else you know might be interested in the Creative Improv Course – do let me know.

Sending Snowy love from Saratoga Springs,


One view right outside my live/work cabin here at Yaddo.

FV’s SoundNoiseFUNK on WJF 2018 w (l-r) Joe Morris, FV, Reggie Nicholson, Sam Newsome. Photo by Jochem van dijk

Dear Friends,

Hoping this greeting finds you well!

I’d like to share some news: SoundNoiseFUNK, the group I presented at the WinterJazzFest AND who has a smokin’ record about to drop on ESP-Disk, got a great review in Downbeat from the Bill Milkowski that I want to share with you all!

“With Morris’ Derek Bailey-like splatters of pointillistic single notes, Newsome’s remarkable overtones, percussive effects and displays of circular breathing setting the tone, along with Nicholson’s sensitive and at times kinetic commentary on the proceedings, Victor was freed up to soar with impunity as she morphed from character to character like a jazz vocal version of Robin Williams during their scintillating set. Throughout the course of this continuous stream of music, colored by dramatic shifts in events, Victor demonstrated touches of Aretha Franklin, Yoko Ono, Connie Boswell, Betty Carter and Diamond Galas while also channeling opera singers, voodoo priestesses and an Islamic sheik singing the call to prayer along the way.” 

Read full review here:

Check out a video here of the piece The Threat, featured in the review:



The next CREATIVE IMPROV Class will begin March 13, 2018!! Very excited to teach this course once again! Get in touch for detailed info on the course and to sign up! This 5-week, 12 hour course will set anyone the course of opening up many possibilities as an improvisor.

Thanks for reading friends! About to leave town for awhile to attend an artist residency Upstate New York. Back at the end of the month and sending everyone out there good and beautiful vibrations.

Thanks for reading,