Happy summer dear friends!

Greetings and best wishes. As some of you know, I had to have an emergency medical procedure in mid-June that kept me out of the loop for a few weeks. I’m thrilled to share that I’m doing much better now and almost back to my old self! I’m looking forward to seeing many of you soon on the scene.

There is an opportunity coming up to hang out very soon, as luck would have it. My annual 55BAR Birthday BASH happening and on my official birthday to boot – THURSDAY, JULY 26th!  It will be my first performance after being tucked away for a minute. I am really looking forward to singing for you all, not to mention the amazing array of musicians that will join the hang. Would love to see you all there + + + as always, there will be cake.  Flyer below!

Flyer created by FV for upcoming annual birthday hang in NYC!

In other news – I am super thrilled to share my latest release, Wet Robots with my group SoundNoiseFUNK has been released on ESP-Disk! SoundNoiseFUNK is Sam Newsome on soprano saxophone, Joe Morris on guitar and Reggie Nicholson on drums.  It has been and continues to be a joy making music with these gentlemen! There are no upcoming performance for the 4-tet but the SoundNoise TRIO will make an appearance on the EarShot Jazz Festival (Seattle, WA) in October 2018!

…while Morris astounded with his staccato runs, sounding at times like a cross between Johnny Smith and James “Blood” Ulmer, and Newsome showcased his expansive vocabulary, alternately making his straight horn sound like a digeridoo, a duck call, a fuzz guitar, it was Victor’s finesse, ferocity and freestyle abandon that led the way. Watch for the upcoming debut recording on the ESP-Disk label by this extraordinary musical collective.”-Bill Milkowski, Downbeat Magazine

“If jazz is the sound of surprise, this album startles – a sonic funhouse of left turns.  The band floats in its own space, untethered by a bass. Morris’ guitar moves like a snake. Newhouse keens, taps, sighs on the straight horn. Nicholson makes his percussion set-ip a skittering, rattling thing. Then there is Fay her voice…as attuned to unfettered expression as Albert Ayler’s tenor.-Bradley Bambarger – from the liner notes of Wet Robots

Cover for the new Espdisk Release WET ROBOTS, design by Diane Kirschief

Purchase via ESP-Disk here: http://www.espdisk.com/5025.html
Read complete review here: http://downbeat.com/news/detail/winterfest2
Hear Creative Folks!, a track off of WET ROBOTS here:

Thanks for reading and hope to see you out there soon…