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>>Make your Voice Stronger & more Expressive

Fay Victor is an active vocal educator with an international reputation, beginning her foray into teaching giving private lessons to budding vocalists while living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in the 1990’s. A self-taught vocalist, Fay sought out a world class opera teacher (Onno van Dijk) while living in the Netherlands to expand the range and depth of her instrument, giving Fay the agility she needed to improvise using extended vocal technique as her improvisational language developed. Victor comes out of the jazz tradition and equally adept at singing the blues, rock, contemporary, new music and free improvisation. This is a unique tapestry to tap into as a student – a teacher that actively performs across many genres on a constant basis (see FV Bio). With Victor’s understanding and guidance a vocalist can develop ready to perform in any style from a healthy vocal foundation. Students are challenged in an honest yet comfortable and non-competitive environment during private, group or workshops settings. Students then begin to unlock their individual voices, gaining confidence in sounding like themselves.

 Fay Victor has joined the Faculty of the New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music for the Spring 2019 Semester.  Fay is teaching the final tier in the Vocal Performance Program.

With Fay Victor students can study a number of ways

Private vocal instruction
**in person in NYC (Brooklyn and Manhattan locations), while on tour, or remotely via Skype.
**Creative Improvisation workshops in NYC (given 1-2 times per year)
**Workshops at renowned music colleges and institutions around the world.

Victor has given lectures, master classes, workshops and clinics at

*The Royal Conservatory of Antwerp (Antwerp, Belgium)
*HogeSchule-Bern (Bern, Switzerland)
*The Creative Music Studio (Big Indian, NY)
*Banff Center for Arts & Creativity (Banff, Canada)
*School of Improvised Music (New York, NY)

*TD Vancouver Jazz Festival (Vancouver, CA)
*New York University (New York, NY)
*Hampshire College (Amherst, MA)
*UC Irvine & UC-Berkeley (California)
*Cornish School for the Arts (Seattle, WA)
*Rostov Jazz School (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
*Bogazici University (Istanbul, Turkey),
*The Graham Foundation for the Fine Arts (Chicago, IL)

*The Georgetown Day School (Washington, DC)
*The California Jazz Conservatory (Berkeley, CA)
*School for Improvised Music (SIM), (Brooklyn, NY)
*Highbridge Voices (Bronx, NY)
*Long Island University (Brooklyn, NY)
*Private Workshops, (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

In 2017 Victor was the Workshop Coordinator for the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival as well as running her own workshop on Creative Improvisation. Catch the entire one hour workshop here that Victor gave in June 2017 on the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.

What’s on offer with Fay
**vocal technique and health
**improvisational language development and integration

**confidence building
**audience connection
**jazz and creative improvisation for vocalists

Read below to get detailed information on what’s on offer. Get in touch to learn more about pricing, scheduling and more at lessons@fayvictor.com

Private Instruction
Fay teaches private students through her private practice (located in East Flatbush, Brooklyn) and through the New York Jazz Workshop focused on technique for jazz and improvising vocalists including vocal technique (breath support, tone production, placement), vocal coaching, Improvising for vocalists (within jazz harmony + outside of scatting and jazz harmony) composition and improvisational language integration.


In 2017, Victor began running Creative Improvisation Courses in NYC. Victor developed her strategies for these workshops through her years as an improviser and by putting on Creative improvisation courses on the road in the US and Europe.

In these courses students will learn, discover and leave with tangible tools for improvising inside and outside songs with an improvising vocalist that has over 15 years of experience as a vocal improvising performer. Victor has performed with some of the most innovative improvisors on the planet from Marshall Allen (Sun Ra) to Randy Weston to William Parker. These experiences has lead to a deeper understanding and clarity on how to improvise and interact with instrumentalists as equals with a vocal instrument.

Participants learn how to:
*listen in new and different ways
*the breakdown of musical components at their improvising disposal
*the integration of melody, text, and composition
*developing improvising language
*interact with improvising instrumentalists bought in to engage with participants

Please contact lessons@fayvictor.com to sign up for the next course or get more information.

Next Creative Improvisation Course – November 2019!!

>>November 5, 12, 19, Dec 3 2019//6-9PM
+ FINAL Concert for all participants
>>Friday, December 6 2019//7PM
Workshop & Concert Location
168 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
(between 2nd & 3rd Avenues)
Sign-up to hold your spot!!
signup & payment due by
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2019
Course fee: $250.00

The New York Jazz Workshop
Fay continues to run the Advanced 4-Day Vocal Summit in August going on 10 years!

Here’s a clip of the Jazz Vocal Workshop where Fay coaches students in singing the Civil Rights Anthem “I Wish I Knew How It Would Be To Be Free” by Dr. Billy Taylor

Teaching on the Road
Fay takes her show and vocal expertise on the road, teaching masterclasses, clinics and private instruction at institutions around the world.  Get in touch with Fay at lessons@fayvictor.com or via Skype at fayvocal to learn more about how you can bring this unique artist and educator to your institution.

Women in Music Panel with Dr. Farrah Jasmine Griffith, Dr. Courtney Bryan and FV at High Bridge Voices – March 2016 with Paul Harding as our host.


*The moment I was inspired to try singing jazz, I googled jazz vocal workshops in NYC. A bunch of stuff popped up and looked generic and boring. Then I came across New York Jazz Workshop and saw your bio. Just seeing your photo, I knew you were legit… I googled you, heard some of your stuff, and I signed up to audit your workshop.After observing your class, I didn’t have to search any further. 3 years later, I’m still here. You’re an amazing teacher, you’re honest, kind and get straight to the point…no sugar coating. You think outside the box and encourage us to be our true selves. Your class is fun and has a good balance of music theory, signing / performing, improvisation, listening sessions, etc. Plus, you’re a working musician who performs and tours regularly, so your insight is based on real experiences, not what you’ve read or studied. Your talent inspires me and you’re a dope down to earth person. I’ve learned and grown so much thanks to you. We need more teachers like you in this crazy world. Never stop teaching, ever. -Yvette

*You are the best voice teacher I ever had. You helped me to solve my questions. Very quickly and accurately. Especially I appreciate that you helped me to find my own voice. – Yasuno

*Fay is an inspiration. She recognizes the individuality in each student, meets them at their level of musicianship and provides a well-rounded education in music theory, jazz style, appropriate repertoire and jazz vocal pedagogy. She keeps it positive and is a LOT of fun. I enjoy my lessons with Fay immensely. -Thais

*Fay Victor is the embodiment of a master teacher in her field. She understands the history, content and real world application of the jazz vocal idiom and also possesses a deep understanding of how students with diverse skills and background knowledge can learn. She is committed to the success of her students and creates a positive learning environment for all students regardless of current skills or ability levels. It has been an honor to be studying with her in both private coaching and workshop settings.-Cherina

*Deeply encouraged and inspired to become a better singer!!!I appreciate being taught by not only an amazing artist but a beautiful human being – Ali

*The mark of a great vocal coach is one who truly understands vocal technique and can effectively relay this learning to students through the history of the genre, music theory and individual expression.As a vocal student studying under Fay Victor for three years, I have learned so much about vocal control, pitch, intonation, theory, jazz as a music genre, improvisation and myself. Fay is a true professional who models all that she teaches and remains true to the art form, herself and her students. For holistic musical development, I unequivocally recommend Fay’s approach and curriculum. You won’t regret it. -Jacquii

*Fay Victor is an extraordinary teacher. She is a ‘free vocalist’ with a solid jazz background whose method focuses a lot on style, phrasing, improvisation and interpretation. Though all these terms are often used to describe vocal coaches, Fay has an entirely different approach to teaching. She is able to free up personal expression allowing students to feel comfortable exploring well beyond the boundaries of a given stylistic canon.-Olivia

*As a beginner, I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher than Fay. She is not only extremely knowledgeable regarding technique, but also highly intuitive when it comes to tapping into the creative and mental blocks that keep us from realizing our full potential. Because of her compassionate and encouraging nature, opening up and trying new things with my voice has been much less scary than I had imagined, and even therapeutic for the soul.–Kristin

*Not only is Fay Victor an incredible artist who is a master at her craft, but she is also an amazing educator- a combination that is often hard to find. Her pedagogical approach combines technical rigor while at the same time prioritizing creativity, innovation and feeling. It has truly been a pleasure and an honor to be a part of her class. -Adjoa

*Thank you for contributing in such a special and deep way to my singing Your freedom in your teaching is an amazing way to learn-Teresa

*Your philosophies on voice really appeal to me. Your views on artistic interpretation and what makes a great vocalist is why I decided to start studying with you. It makes me want to work harder to learn the rules so that I can break them! For me, singing is such a personal experience that trust is a big issue. And I’ve come to the point in our lessons that I truly trust you and value your advice. I look forward to many, many more lessons and great things to come. -Lucy
*You make me feel safe to explore my own voice and guide me toward finding whatever I would like to do with my talents. That is a rarity in a teacher as many will try to put there style or wants for you on you, you however adapt to what you think I need. That is the best part of being your student; the freedom and safety you give me to learn. -Kia

I loved working with you. You’re one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. -Wendy

>>Testimonials/Creative Improvisation

“Fay Victor is the truth. She is a Teacher, Guide, and Mentor to so many. I took Voice Lessons with Fay for several years and when I saw she was kicking off a Creative Vocal Improvisation Workshop, I was thrilled. This was my chance to get past this fear & anxiety I have battled with for a decade or more. I also knew that Fay would provide me with the guidance and a safe space to work through those issues, while also challenging me to maximize the potential of my instrument. As I guessed, Fay took the Vocalists on a beautiful journey. One, with no rules, with the exception of one, and that was to listen. Listen to your yourself, your fellow Vocalists, and the band. Be mindful of where the music is going and where you can go along with it. My view of the possibilities of vocal expression are forever changed. I see shapes, colors, and the ability to interpret even a painting into sound on my own terms! I owe this all to Fay and recommend this Workshop, Private Lessons, and any chance to afford yourself the opportunity to work with her.– TM

The Creative Improvisation Workshop allowed me to step out of my mind and into the depths of my feelings. What I’ve learned most from the experience is that being in the moment, both still and actively listening, brought out my true artistic expression. Fay provided a foundation for us in the form of technique and improvisational language. But, the heavy focus that I normally apply to my singing was lessened because I was trusting in the moment. As a result, the technique and language followed. I encourage all singers to jump into the experience, step out of their norm and find their whole creative selves. Sharing this experience with other women also added a spiritual element that is not always present in traditional jazz workshops.I am looking forward to the next time.- JL

“Fay Victor’s vocal improvisation workshop allowed me to explore the capabilities of my voice outside the bounds of traditional melodic singing. It awakened me to new possibilities as a vocalist, and led me to realize that the voice is perhaps the most versatile instrument in any ensemble, so it’s disappointing how little of its range we get to hear in most performances. The opportunity to improvise with other vocalists and instrumentalists was one of the most valuable aspects of the workshop, and also served as a crash course for how to listen, interact, and innovate with an ensemble when you’re playing outside traditional harmonic and melodic structures.” – KV

I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from this learning. Thank YOU so much for leading us into our creative selves. Thank you for creating an atmosphere of safety, which allows us to be curious, experimental, and free. What a journey, as each week our skillset expanded. We listened. We explored language. Next an accompanist was introduced to the process. Then a variety of accompanists.  We each created (and had a welcome opportunity to tweak) an original piece.  At last, we “performed” our piece, bringing concepts into actuality. The concert was rich and evocative.” -BD

Listen below to Victor’s vocal arrangement of Nat Adderly’s Work Song with the Advanced Jazz Workshop Class at Club Bonafide in 2015!

>>Contact and more info:

FV’s Teaching & Workshop Page
Skype: fayvocal