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Welcome to my Soundcloud page. As a vocalist that covers a wide swath of genres, groups and approaches in my work, I thought it best to put these SoundCloud clips in small collections based on theme, artist, or group.  Collection headings are in caps. Thanks in advance for having a listen and please share and comment if the music moves you to do so.


FV’s long running quartet then trio has been dormant for some time yet the writing between FV and hubby Jochem van Dijk is special as well as the great group of musicians that developed the music alongside FV: Anders Nilsson – guitar, Ken Filiano – double bass and Michael TA Thompson – drums.  PIeces featured here are from Absinthe & Vermouth (2013 Greene Avenue Music)

Big Bags



FV has been composing on her own in the last few years and here are some samples of that.

Patience (Waiting for William)

Transit (for Jayne Cortez)

In The Flow 


FV has had a deep love of Herbie Nichols for nearly 20 years gradually developing his music through a number of projects with the final incarnation called Herbie Nichols SUNG where Victor
wrote lyrics for many of his compositions as well as re-arranged, deconstructed and cracked open. Have a listen here to some performances

The Happenings – Sinners All of Us

Lady SIngs The Blues

The Gig


Since 2015, FV has been developing a quartet project called In Praise of Ornette.  In tackling another jazz titan’s compositions, Ornette Coleman’s music is not only vastly different, he was incredibly prolific and this project will develop slowly as more and more compositions come into play. In stark contrast to Herbie Nichols SUNG, FV has gone primarily wordless which she feels is the best approach for his music. The band is incredible. Darius Jones – alto sax, Kenny Wessel – guitar and Sean Conly – double bass. Here are some samples below:

Broken Shadows – In Praise of Ornette

Law Years – In Praise of Ornette


The SoundNoise TRIO started in 2015 as a chance coming together by FV of soprano saxophonist Sam Newsome and drummer Reggie Nicholson.  Since then the trio, at times adding others to the proceedings, has blossomed into a powerful improvising unit that sounds like no other. Sounds below.


In 2013, FV formed a DUO with multi-instrumentalist titan Tyshawn Sorey. Check out the sounds below including a clip from Vision Festival XVIII.


It may not be obvious but FV’s work is always political in nature with a pointed perspective. In many of the Fay Victor Ensemble pieces the lyrics cover topics from Armageddon, media spin, fear, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, determination, stress, urban realizations to name a few themes that have come up with in FV’s lyrics and texts. These pieces below are more obvious in their message. Check it out.


We Is We Trini – Other Dimensions in Music

Howard Zinn – SneaKAttack


A quartet exploring open contours within Jazz Standard repertoire. 

Early Autumn Suite


FV has been digging into the blues deeply since living in Europe in the late 90’s/2000 and amongst others worked regularly with blues bands for a few years.  This experience informed her knowledge of this incredible American musical tradition. Since this time, FV has developed a number of approaches, mainly seen through the ExPosed Blues DUO and stay tuned for the New Blues – a group that FV is writing the music for, experimenting with composed blues forms. In the meantime here are some samples of FV working her blues magic.

ExPosed Blues DUO – Third Stone From The Sun

If You Gotta Break a Bone, Let it Be In Amsterdam – with William Parker

Better Git Hit In Your Soul

Night Ties