July is in the Air!

Summer is here and hot!! Been a scorcher in NYC since last Wednesday.  I’m riding the wave of it, trying to stay AC free for as long as possible.  Wish me luck.  How are you faring out there?  Stay cool friends and if you need some cooling things to do later this month, I’ll be happy to give you some ideas. But before I pass on my tips, I need to give thanks to a great month of music and special connections that was June.

A big thank you first and foremost goes out to William Parker for having me in his Essence of Ellington project that premiered at the Suoni per il Popolo Festival to a packed house and ended with a standing ovation on FRIDAY, JUNE 8!! Although I’ve performed with William in Other Dimension of Music, this was so different and much more about his vision for Ellington’s Music that was inspiring and playing with the likes of Hamid Drake and Dave Burrell as well as Steve Swell, Rob Brown, Darius Jones, Dave Sewelson and more was a pure joy.  A couple days after that on MONDAY,  JUNE 11, Vision Festival 17 began in earnest and turned into one of the best Festivals I’ve ever seen and I could only be there three of the seven days it ran.  How wonderful of Patricia to ask me to take part in the invocation on the first night then witnessing the powerful sets of Paul Dunmall’s, Farmers by Nature, Darius Jones Quartet, In Order to Survive, Jason Hwang’s Burning Bridge and more blew my musical mind. Having VF 17 at the new Brooklyn Roulette gave a more peaceful vibe than other Vision Festivals I’ve attended or perhaps since I live in Brooklyn the easy commute made it feel more relaxed! Check out some pics I took here

June started out with an inspired evening of Herbie Nichols tunes with bassist Ratzo Harris and Michael Attias on reeds on MONDAY, JUNE 4.  THAT was too much fun, a great openness with that instrumentation strolling through and opening Nichol’s pieces.  We’ll be doing that again, probably at the 55BAR.  More on that in a second. I closed out the month this past MONDAY, JUNE 25. The ExPosed Blues Duo with Anders Nilsson (guitar) teamed up with bass guitarist Tim Dahl for an Electrified ExPosed Blues Session on the Evolving Series Close-out, that was a blast! A sonic boom.  The Series will be back up in October.

Keeping on the Exposed Blues groove, we’ll be moving around the city quite a bit this summer.  Firstly and for the fourth year in a row, we’ll lament and celebrate the country’s independence on, er, well, Independence Day for the early set at the 55BAR.  Come early and hang, leave just in time to hear the fireworks.  Now with the Supreme Court Decision on ObamaCare, I’m feeling pretty happy about the US of A for the moment…positive vibrations.  FRIDAY, JULY 20th, we’ll be on WFMU courtesy of Kurt Gottschalk and his show Minature Minotaurs. We’ll play live, we’ll chat and we’re damn excited too.

I’m happy to announce as of THURSDAY, JULY 26, 2012, I’ll have the 4th Thursday of every Month at the 55BAR for the Early Set! I’m very happy and excited about this opportunity.  I’ve been playing at the 55BAR consistenly since 2005, so being there on a regular basis will be a hoot! I plan on mixing it up each month, highlingting my working groups and other special projects.  As always, check the performance page for all the details.

If that wasn’t good enough, we’re kicking off the start of the residency on my birthday! Yep. July 26th is my birthday.  I can’t believe it but for as long as I’ve been performing (…clears throat…) I’ve NEVER had a gig on my birthday. Never ever. So this is big for me and I want you all the join me.  Its going to be a special night, I’ve invited some friends down to play, sit-in and hang and I’d love you to be a part of it.  More details about the special guests in the coming days.

In other news, check out these recent sounds of the Fay Victor Ensemble, we’re working out new material and we’re recording next winter, would love your feedback:
FayVictorEnsemble SOUNDS by GreeneAveMusic


I’m teaching a lot these days, enjoying it immensely, especially the workshops that I’ve been giving.  I’m teaching a Jazz Vocal workshop every 2 weeks and two Everyone Can Sing workshop weekly for the New York Jazz Workshop. I’m flying much more from my gut and instinct instead of any script, much more comfortable letting the my real self come out – mistakes and all.  The students and I are having so much fun!  They laugh, relax and feel open to new experiences. It seems so funny that the more I let go of ‘trying’ the more effective as a teacher I become.  I’m grateful to ALL the students I’ve come into contact with recently for putting up that mirror.

Thanks for reading and if I don’t see you out and about, have a great and restful summer.

In music and gratitude,