Moving toward the Spring…

Dear Friends,

Life has been a little nutty!  And cold.  Winter’s been rough but there are some warming things coming up on the horizon.

First up though, thanks to the friends that came out to the 55BAR to see the FVE and University of the Streets to see Other Dimensions in Music last month.  At both events, there were wonderful listening crowds. And when the FVE unveiled new music at the 55BAR the reaction was positive and strong.  Starting out January, I was featured at the fabulous Mark Lamb Dance Salon ( a monthly event held every 2nd Saturday of the month…learn all about it here) alongside himself, his wonderful dancers, reedist Michael Attias and bassist Garth Stevenson playing with music, words and dance. Thanks for coming out the that event as well…

Besides an appearance on Williamsburg Fashion Weekend, they have been no gigs in town this month but please save the DATES for some happenings in March as we all move closer to Spring and longer days. YEAH!  On WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2nd, Anders Nilsson and I will do our ExPosed Blues Duo thing at Barbes’s Series (On The Palimpsestic Series – curated by Oscar Noriega).  We’re pulling out new tunes destined for a later follow-up recording and we’ll do some pieces from BARE!  Come by and hear how we move things around. We move things around again later in the month as part of Gary Lucas’ Jeff Buckley Tribute at the Knitting Factory Williamsburg on FRIDAY, MARCH 18 then on SATURDAY, MARCH 19th join the Fay Victor Ensemble at University of the Streets for the 8PM Set. The FVE will be all about new music too, working it out for our next recording. Check all the DEETS on the PERFORMANCE section of the website and as always – I look forward to seeing you.

What’s also up in March(March 1st for the US; February 28th for Europe) is the release of Silkheart Records KAISO STORIES with Other Dimensions in Music and myself.  Its a record combining free jazz and improvised lyrics of classic calypsos.  This is a project near and dear to my heart and I was thrilled to have this opportunity from Silkheart Records and to play with the incredible musicians in Other Dimension in Music (Roy Campbell(trumpet), Daniel Carter (reeds), William Parker(bass), Charles Downs(drums).  I believe we put down a very strong session and I’m looking forward to hearing feedback on this unique project.  You can take a look at the liner notes and here a clip on the Silkheart Records website here.

I’m also happy to share with you that I came in first place for Female Vocalists in El Intruso’s International Critic and Musician’s Poll! I feel honored and grateful…take a look here to see all the results.

Thanks for reading!