November 2013: Halloween, Absinthe & Vermouth, Trombones, Duos etc…

FVE_Absinthe&VermouthHello everyone,

I hope this email finds you well and all is well in your world.  The news came on Sunday that the great musician, poet and rocker Lou Reed died at the tender age of 71 stopping me dead in my tracks for a moment until I realized he lived a full – take no prisoners – kind of life, not without consequence.  I applaud and respect anyone who is confident enough to live that way. He had guts and grit, to me its a gift that he was here to experience through his music. SO tough to put your heart and soul out into the world and be secure in how you’ll be perceived – good or bad.  Yet we creative sorts do this every time we step onto a stage or reveal a new piece of art or premiere a play.  Its the unknown response that seeps inside us and helps us try to be better, more focused, more connected so we can feel it when any genuine response is there. It works that way for me…the more I connect, the deeper I want to go the next time.

Speaking of a revealing….NOVEMBER 5, 2013  I’m extremely excited to release Absinthe & Vermouth, the newest CD from the Fay Victor Ensemble!  It’s our third release as a group and my third of all original music by Jochem van Dijk and myself. Guitarist Anders Nilsson and bassist Ken Filiano have been tussling with the music for 8 1/2 years now and I am incredibly grateful for their contribution to my strange musical vision. Not only do I love what we managed to lay down but the composing for the group has evolved significantly toward this new direction which I’ll call ‘chamber-funk’ for now. I hope you’ll check it out, enjoy it, spread the word and purchase it.  Its my most important project to date and your feedback is deeply appreciated.  If you’re in the New York City area, then join us for the CD release event on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13 2013 at JACK in Brooklyn. It is going to be a serious explosive blast! Three Sets of music – starting the Night off with Roy Nathanson & Friends with Ben Perowsky, Sam Barfield and Tim Kiah, the The Fay Victor Ensemble Absinthe & Vermouth CD Release show followed by Marika, Mazz and Morley, which is Marika Hughes, Mazz swift and Morley Morley! you can preview Absinthe & Vermouth here and you can pre-order Absinthe & Vermouth on Amazon right now.

Another major highlight in November: I’m fortunate and honored to be on a track of the esteemed trombonist Roswell Rudd’s new CD TROMBONE for LOVERS to be released on November 19th on Sunnyside Records. It’s a star studded affair with such folk as John Medeski, Steven Bernstein, Gary Lucas, Bob Dorough and Alan Commess (of the Spin Doctors) and more. I’m performing “Trouble in Mind” on the new record and I’ll join everyone at Le Poisson Rouge on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24th for the celebration of this wonderful album and Roswell’s 78th birthday.  Save the Date for that too!

There’s a lot more great happenings coming up starting with this Thursday (HALLOWEEN) and into November so without further ado – here are the details

THURSDAYOctober 31, 2013
A DUO Dialogue for Halloween
FV – voice
Marvin Sewell – guitar
blues, jazz, mayhem, wails, shrieks, etc….
Early Set (7-9PM)
NO COVER, 2 Drink minimum

SATURDAYNovember 2, 2013
Tyshawn Sorey/Fay Victor DUO
FV-voice (and more)
Tyshawn Sorey – Drums (and more)
No way to say how this will go other than it will GO! Bring seat belts.
in double bill with
Doggy Woof
Super Natsuki Tamura (didgeridoo)
Ken Kobayashi (drums, percussion)
Jochem van Dijk (bass guitar, effects)
121 7th Street
Brooklyn, NY

SATURDAYNovember 8th, 2013
House concert with Jaap Blonk!
Details on a need to know basis – inbox me for details.

**WEDNESDAYNovember 13, 2013**
CD Release Feast at JACK!
The Fay Victor Ensemble presents
Absinthe & Vermouth (Greene Avenue Music)
with sets by Marika, Mazz & Morley
Roy Nathanson & Friends
$15 for the night
505 1/2 Waverly Place
Brooklyn, NY 11238

SATURDAYNovember 16, 2013
Improvisations at
Real Art Ways
FV – voice, words
Joe Morris – guitar, bass
Stephen Haynes – cornets
56 Arbor Street #1
Hartford, CT 06106

SUNDAYNovember 24, 2013
Trombone for Lovers: A 78th Birthday Concert for Roswell Rudd
Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker Street
NY NY 10012

TUESDAYNovember 26th 2013
Party for Han Earl Park!
w/ a cavalcade of pretty amazing improvisors!
Douglass Street Music Collective
295 Douglass Street
Brooklyn, NY

Thank you for reading and keeping in touch. This month is packed full of performances with musical heroes I’ve never worked with before such as Joe Morris, Steven Bernstein, Bob Dorough and Jaap Blonk on top of releasing the new FVE record and being a guest on Roswell’s new disc! I feel so blessed and I hope to see you out. thanks so much for reading and for all your support.
Autumn greetings to you!


What’s going on this JULY


Summer is finally here and I’m looking forward to one big show before a small summer slowdown then doing a couple of wonderful things at the end of July.   More on all that in a minute but I need to give praise for the month that was JUNE 2013, it was a great month.  A landmark month maybe.  No Carnegie Hall hit or an appearance with the New York Philharmonic but I worked with four esteemed musicians this month for the first time, The FVE kicked ass at the Red Hook Jazz Festival, I MC’d the final night of Vision Festival 18, played a great night of Standards with new musicians and a new venue in Baltimore, MD and the ExPosed Blues DUO played at Cornelia Street Cafe for the first time, that concert becoming the catalyst toward a new and wonderful musical direction.

At the end of May at the 55BAR a friend told me how lucky I was to do what I do and to get to share and connect with so many people from all over the world.  Her statement gave me pause because although I say I’m grateful a lot, lately I’ve been too busy with wanting more and feeling I’m getting less.  Her words made me see what I have to be so grateful for and June exemplified what living a full musical life enables sometimes – fortunate and deep connections communicated in a unique way with people who are strangers at first but quickly become confidantes accessing areas so remote in other parts of life yet may bloom in full view here.  So working with pianist Aruan Ortiz, saxophonist Sam Newsome, guitarist Marvin Sewell and the legendary drummer Andrew Cyrille for the first time this month unlocked new vistas for me.

And before the summer breaks, please join the Fay Victor Ensemble at our DEBUT at the SHAPESHIFTER LAB on TUESDAY, JULY 2nd at 8:15PM performing music from the upcoming release Absinthe & Vermouth…all the deets are here! I love this group so much.  how we play together and interact is really special.  I hope you join us as well be laying low until close to the release of Absinthe and Vermouth in the Fall.

Also at the end of July I’ll appear as a featured guest with reedist Michael Moore’s quartet at the Stone on TUESDAY JULY 23rd. Michael will be here for a week doing a Stone residency and I’m honored that he asked me to join his group. I round out July with and a double celebration of my one year 55 BAR Residency and my birthday which I celebrate on July 26th (also the date we started last year).  The gig last year was phenomenal with amazing musicians and people joining me on the bandstand including Tyshawn Sorey, Michael Attias, Ratzo Harris, Ras Moshe and Kyoko Kitamura for a rip roaring good time.  This year I’m looking forward to celebrating one year of having the last Thursday of the month to share my music and I’m inviting a different cast of characters to join the fun including Darius Jones, Roy Campbell, Reggie Nicholson and more…happening onTHURSDAY, JULY 25th at the 55BAR for the Early Set.

Thanks for reading and have a safe and relaxing summer!  I’ll be back with an August update as I head to the West Coast once again to make music with Lisa Mezzacappa and Herbie Nichols Sung makes a quartet appearance on the 55BAR residency at the end of the month + an update on the release of Absinthe & Vermouth!


February 2013 news, thoughts and views

Yup, just under the fresh heels of a winter snowstorm in New York City and since I’ve yet to step out in it, I love it to death.  Its so wonderful to look at from the distance of dry warm feet and until I have to step out into it, that’s how I’ll feel.  No winter is not my thing, but that’s no reason to move away from New York City (although it was a GREAT reason to move away from Syracuse, NY), so I’m looking forward to see it go.  Later this month I’ll step out of town but no warmer climes for me but perhaps if I’m lucky more temperate.  And then there’s the music that’s happening before I head out of town which I hope will heat things up. Before getting into what’s coming up, I’d like to give a HUGE thanks to all the folks that came out to the shows plus a small wrap up of the amazing music month that was January 2013!

The moment JANUARY 1st, 2013  landed and I woke up, I felt like a new person, like something strange had lifted and flew away. So cliche no?  Yet it is the absolute truth and boy did I need that sort of energy going into the month as I had more gigs in NYC last month that I’ve ever had since I’ve loved here ( or ever) and ended the month recording the new Fay Victor Ensemble album ABSINTHE & VERMOUTH, due for release in September 2013. I’m so proud of what guitarist Anders Nilsson and double bassist Ken Filiano contributed to the music…boy oh BOY!

January started though with the music of Herbie Nichols as I opened the IBEAM residency I had on Saturdays in January with the launch of the quintet version of the project including Rudy Roylston on drums and the great Anthony Coleman on piano along with Michael Attias on reeds and Ratzo Harris on bass.  The quintet also played a set at Cornelia Street Cafe as part of vocalist Sara Serpa’s Voice Box Festival on JANUARY 22nd.  The rest of the residency was the Fay Victor Ensemble honing the original music we’ve been playing plus brand new pieces for the recording.  It was a great time at IBEAM, a wonderful performance space in Brooklyn and as a band we grew over the three Saturdays we played there.  We filmed the music too and here’s a teaser video of what’s to come on the new record: CRYSTAL – Fay Victor Ensemble The band also played at BAM Cafe LIve, one of the best venues to pay in the city with a great crowd and a fantastic atmosphere.  Great performing there again, I saw it as a good omen that we play at BAM at this time since we also performed at the Bam Cafe Live right before recording our last CD, The FreeSong Suite in 2008.  Looking forward to sharing this music with everyone and I’ll keep you posted on events and sounds as they unravel!  January ended at the 55BAR for my monthly residency there with Herbie Nichols in trio with Razto Harris and Michael Attias.  That was so much fun and a great way to end where we began the month with Herbie Nichols.  I’ll be back at the 55BAR on March 28th with the Lisa Mezzacappa/Fay Victor TRIO!

A very important note: I was honored and humbled to be asked my William Parker to sing a piece he wrote for David S. Ware’s Memorial at St. Peter’s Church on JANUARY 7, 2013.  The evening was a pristine example of space, love, class, dignity, compassion and music with performances by Matt Schipp, Guillermo Brown, William Parker, Cooper-Moore, Joe Morris, Steve Dalachinsky, Daniel Carter, Darius Jones, Muhammed Ali and more.

Coming up this month, this TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12th, I’ll appear with the ExPosed Blues DUO and special guest Darius Jones for a set sharing the bill with Turkish guitar phenom Timucin Sahin at DROM and then I’ll appear with William Parker’s Essential Orchestra at Roulette on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16th.  Then I’m one the road, meeting family in France and heading to Berlin to work on and play Herbie Nichols with pianist Achim Kaufmann and tenor saxophonist Tobias Delius, culminating in 2 nights of concerts MARCH 1st and 2nd in Berlin.  February began with the openingof the Evolving Series and a special duo with drummer/composer Tyshawn Sorey.  It was a powerful start and I trust there will be more, and soon.

Going back to January once more -it was an incredible month but a sad month as well. With the loss of Butch Morris suddenly and the recent passing of Jayne Cortez and now most recently Donald Byrd (amongst so many others), it hard not to feel that our heroes and mentors are leaving quickly, like butterflies. In the case of Butch Morris, I can say with great honor that I worked with him and learned a lot from him when I did.  I attended his conduction workshops in NYC back in February 2005, the now famous Black February and attended many of those events.  I later became part of his Chorus of Poets for about three years and I tapped into Butch’s ‘Conduction’ method at a time when I was figuring out how to improvise on my own terms and truly venture into the free. It was great to have a method of improvisation where you essentially respond to his baton and in turn that creates an orchestrated sound in its entirety, whether its with voices, strings, brass, percussion or any combination of these. It was an enlightening, sometimes frustrating experience to go through but I’m a much better improvisor because of it.  Rest in peace, Mr Morris.

Thank you for reading and many thanks for your continued support.  Let’s go out and support each other’s music. Let’s share and gather for reasons other than death or loss because in sadness and in good times – MUSIC IS THE BEST.



June 2011 is BUSTING Open and Up

Hey Friends,

It appears that 2011 has reached its halfway mark and I can still remember clearly the beginning of this year!  Time is moving so fast and summer is almost here.  Feels like it is here since temps have hit 90 already and NYC gets ready for its jazz and blues summer with music in bigger and open spaces, where just walking by gets you an earful.  One of the great things of living in this city.  I hope everyone who reads this post and lives here too gets out and takes in as much of it as possible.  I sometimes forget to myself, so busy with work sometimes. But I decided this summer, I’ll try to be out more and enjoy what NYC has to offer. Its a treasure and with funding getting cut more and more, there is no guarantee that all these wonderful cultural events we take for granted will be here in years to come.  Just to name a small sampling, check out Central Park’s Summerstage, Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Bandshell, the Undead Jazz Festival and of course the Vision Festival, of which I am fortunate to be a part for the second year in a row.  And speaking of that, there’s a lot of musical diversity in my gig list this month, because of this city and the vibrant, diverse scene here.  There’s so much going on that I’m going to get right to it!

Coming up in a few, on FRIDAY, JUNE 3 2011 to be exact the FVE hits the early set at the 55BAR.  We had a thrilling night last month on Frank Oteri’s 21st Century Schizoid Music ar Cornelia Street Cafe where the FVE did a double bill with my Jazz Vault project (where we did a complete set of Herbie Nichols compositions) and the FVE performed the new music we’re working towards recording.  We’re getting the music stronger and tighter and we’ll continue digging in this Friday.  So come on down!

The 55BAR

FV-voice, compositions
Anders Nilsson-guitar, effects
Ken Filiano-bass, effects
Michael TA Thompson-drums,percussion
NO Cover, 2 drink minimum

Then I’ll be on the Vision Festival as part of Vocal Flight with vocalists Kyoko Kitamura and Jean Carla Rodea and bassist Filiano and drummer Tyshawn Sorey filling out the ensemble.  A combination of composed pieces and free music…dancing on the edge.  We kick off the night and what a night it is.


7:00PM – 8:00PM
Kyoko Kitamura, Jean Carla Rodea, FV – voice
Ken Filiano-bass
Tyshawn Sorey-drums
Abrons Arts Center Main Stage
466 Grand Street between
Pitt St and Abraham Pl
Door:$30  Event Pass:$140  Students & Seniors:$20
nearest subway East Broadway or Delancey on the F, Essex St on the J,M,Z
complete schedule –

On SUNDAY JUNE 12 2011 join myself and percussionist Satoshi Takeshi for an intimate concert at the loft of the Connie Crothers. We’ll delve into words and textures focusing on sound exploration. I had the amazing honor of performing with the esteemed poet and writer Amiri Baraka last month on a beautiful concert put together by percussionist Reggie Nicholson.  The sound of words and drums alone is truly special and I look forward to continue this exploration with Satoshi. Perhaps we’ll have a special guest as well.

at the home of pianist extraordinaire Connie Crothers
Presents: DUO-Fay Victor/Satoshi Takeshi
SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2011

Contribution $10
475 Kent Avenue (between Division Avenue and South 11th Street),
#410 Brooklyn, NY 11211(get full directions in the performance section)

Then PLEASE Save the Date of SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2011 is the CD-Release for KAISO STORIES!!

The record has gotten some great reviews and we’re thrilled at the reception of the music and of Calypso!  So please join myself and Other Dimensions in Music for this special event…

Some words we’ve gotten on KAISO STORIES:

“While the record is steeped in Victor’s heritage, even the accents and inflections she grew up hearing, it’d be a mistake to call KAISO STORIES a calypso record. It’s free jazz with source material and as such is an unusual and wonderful album.”
-Kurt Gottschalk , The New York City Jazz Record

9/10 – “Conjuring up the spirit of Jeanne Lee, Fay Victor speaks, sings, and wails like a horn through variations of eight Caribbean tunes from the 1930s through early ’70s. A wonderful combination, simultaneously true to its origins and entirely new.”
-Laurence Joseph, Montreal Mirror

***** “Victor’s voice sonically melds with Carter and Campbell, becoming a third horn, adding compelling counterpoint throughout. In a civilized world with a forward thinking music industry and curious listenership, in a culture a where Art was as valued as everyone likes to say it is,KAISO STORIES would be a crossover sensation, charting for months and finding a grateful audience that no Improvised music had found before. Until such time, it is one for the initiated to treasure.”
Stanley Zappa, Free Jazz

Happening at The STONE – SUNDAY, JUNE 19 2011

Roy Campbell-trumpets and more
Daniel Carter-reeds and more
William Parker-bass and more
Charles Downs-drums

The last gig of the month goes somewhere else again.  Doing our semi annual double bill hang, myself and Kyoko Kitamura have a very different meeting from the Vision Festival gig, pairing ourselves off with complementary partners.  Kyoko with dancer Mark Lamb and myself with bassist Ken Filiano. Not sure where we’ll go and that’s definitely part of the fun.

DOUBLE BILL: Kyoko Kitamura/Mark Lamb + FV/Ken Filiano
Avenue C and 5th St.
$10 suggested donation

Kyoko Kitamura-voice/piano
Mark Lamb-spoken words, movement
Ken Filiano-bass

Phew! With the exception of a couple things, I’m going to take it a little easy this summer gig-wise, focusing on workshops I’ll be teaching in NYC and California in a few months and on a wonderful project with Dutch composer/musician Ab Baars.  Much more on all of this soon. Thanks so much to reading and I hope to see you in the park listening to music or at one of the shows.

Happy coming summer,


Looking back and forward

Dear Friends,

Happy September to you.  This time of year tends to be filled with summer  shutting down and life revving up for the cold and all the activities swirling around it.  Kids go back to school, life resumes a  cold-world order and I do hope a relaxing summer sets a precedent for you to ride out the rest of the year.  Have I had a relaxing summer?  Absolutely not! Yet I feel so invigorated and grateful for the enriching summer that I had.   I’m using the remaining days to take in a dose to get me through this next period which  is chock full of  activities and its inherent stresses.  But more on that later in this note!  First I’d like to share just a bit about my summer and the riches procured because.


I had the honor  to perform at The Stone in NYC three times this summer as a bandleader.  First in July, Brandon Ross curated and asked the Fay Victor Ensemble to take part.  It wasn’t our best gig but the thrill of playing in here and directing the sound in my own way for the first time was exhilarating and the set the course for the two concerts to follow in August under Tyshawn Sorey’s curator-ship of the space.  First in August, the ExPosed Blues Duo (with guitarist Anders Nilsson) with Tomas Ulrich on cello. We did about 5 tunes in the space of an hour, stretching, chanting, wailing, screeching, straight-beseeching the blues and her cousins in this space…where you could hear a pin drop throughout.  So intense was this thing.  I’d been thinking about cello and the blues for a while and this union was a match made in purgatory, alongside Anders’ dirty guitar. We’ll work it again in October, close to Halloween when these sounds will resonate even more with the times. Perhaps you can join us and I’ll post something on the myspace page from the Stone gig at very, very soon.

The last concert at the Stone was with trombonist Roswell Rudd and Tyshawn Sorey, performing pieces of mine, Herbie Nichols and a snippet of a bigger project around haikus. Mind altering, life changing and challenging as hell, this was a meeting of the minds and a collaboration with space shifters and openers. I could breathe tons of air with the molecules left bare.  Space is the place.  Sun Ra said it and now I get it and I want more of THAT.

Moreover, I began curating a left-of-center vocal series at the Local 269 with Arts for Art, inc./RUCMA in August as well, that has already had some memorable performances.  This is a dream of mine to present vocalists doing original, experimental and distinct work in a venue that is open to this presentation.  The Evolving Voice Vocal Series is all about casting a spotlight on vocalists with idiosyncratic styles and on the more experimental side of the music.  Patricia Nicholson Parker and I are curating the series and we’re delighted to be involved in highlighting what we consider to be an under-served side of the scene. Keep up with the schedule at and  Questions, suggestions, booking for the series? Please get in touch at Coming this month on the Series:  Lisa Sokolov, Leena Conquest, Gina Leishman, Ellen Christi, Yoon Sun Choi and Dean Bowman!!

The FreeSong Suite

As I have been sneezing, and hinting at for the past couple months  – The  Fay Victor Ensemble is about to release our new record, The FreeSong Suite on September 22, 2009.  So excited about this record and presenting to the world the evolution of the FVE and our approach to creative vocal music that we think is as accessible as it is challenging. So interested in how folks will take the music and looking forward to lots of feedback and discussion about it too. Legendary and eminent guitarist Gary Lucas wrote the liner notes and mentions that the record is “…hypnotic in its flow, every song in the three sections of the suite a masterpiece of compressed story-telling…”. We’re celebrating on the first day of October at Roulette.

Fay Victor Ensemble CD Release “The FreeSong Suite”

FV-voice, compositions
Anders Nilsson-guitar, effects
Ken Filiano-bass, effects
Michael ‘TA’ Thompson-drums

Roulette 20 Greene Street
(between Canal and Grand Streets)
Reservations/Tickets: 212.219.8242
Admission: $15 Harvestworks & DTW members, Students, Under 30 & Seniors: $10
Roulette members / Location One members: FREE.

The FreeSong Suite is a recommended New Release in AAJ-NY
-Laurence Donahue-Greene, Managing Editor
September 2009 AAJ-NY

The FreeSong Suite Contest!

Now for some fun.  I’m giving away 3 copies of the FreeSong Suite!  How cool is that?
Here’s the deal:

The FreeSong Suite is divided into three parts or ‘rooms’.
Each room has a number; which are related to real things.
Take a stab at what they mean and if you come close, you’ll win a free copy of the FreeSong Suite!

Here are the room numbers:




All entries for consideration should send their guesses to By September 21st, 2009.

Moving Forward

I am happy to announce that my husband Jochem van Dijk has composed  a site specific piece in commemoration of Henry Hudson’s ride up the Hudson River. His pocket oratorio (with libretto by Gerhardus van Wilgen) will be performed by three decidedly non-Dutch but definitely immigrant vocalists: Kyoko Kitamura, Yoon Sun Choi and myself alongside Tomas Ulrich on cello.  This is an exciting development for the a cappela vocal quartet  (sans Jen Shyu, on tour in the Far East) to perform  in one of the most glorious spaces in the DIA Museum in Beacon, NY – the Chamberlain room of sculptures made of salvaged automobiles.

And on September 28th,  my great friend and saxophonist Oleg Kireyev is visiting New York City and he’ll join me at the 55Bar for the Early Set alongside Hill Greene and Dom Minasi.  I’m pulling out my standards for this one but we’ll veer off into strange places as well.

Lots more coming in October with the FreeSong Suite CD Release here in NYC and on October 4th in Philadelphia, PA  at the Rotunda. Tell your Philly friends to come down and say hello.
Stay tuned for news on that + upcoming tour news for 2010 to boot.

Happy September indeed!

August 25, 2009 – Roswell Rudd/Tyshawn Sorey/Fay Victor – SAVE THE DATE

Upcoming performances……


Roswell Rudd/Tyshawn Sorey/Fay Victor

Crash, Braaaww, Thud, Aaaaah

Roswell Rudd-trombone
Tyshawn Sorey-drums, piano

The Stone

8PM Set
One Set Only


Corner of Second Street and Avenue C
F, V Train to 2nd Avenue

This is a once-in-a-lifetime trio with trombonist extraordinaire Roswell Rudd and the astonishing Tyshawn Sorey.  We’ll go  places keeping jazz as the starting point for many explorations. You can’t miss this.

August is BUSTING out all over: Upcoming Performances

Dear Friends,

With another birthday just behind me, I’m feeling good about the future and starting my new year strong. I have two amazing concerts this month and I”ll begin curating a Vocal Series in the city for the first time.

First up…about the gigs!  The inspiring and amazing Tyshawn Sorey is curating the Stone in August and I feel fortunate to perform there as part of his month long residency. Tyshawn has programmed a great month of music with folks like Matana Roberts, Vijay Iyer, Okkyung Lee, Craig Taborn and groups such as Fieldwork, BassDrumBone + Tyshawn himself in all sorts of creative configurations.  I’ll be hovering around the place myself this month with the fantastic line-up he’s put together.  Get all those details here

On Wednesday, August 12, I’m at the Stone with the Exposed Blues Duo/Tomas Ulrich Meeting of blues and the abstract strings for the 10PM set…then on Tuesday, August 25, a very special concert indeed with Tyshawn Sorey himself and legendary trombonist Roswell Rudd for the 8PM Set! Please come out for these very special performances.

On top of all that, August also kicks off a new vocal series I’ll co-curate (alongside Patricia Nicholson Parker) at the Local 269 called the Evolving Voice Vocal Series.  The series, presented by Arts for Arts & RUCMA, will run onTuesdays starting tomorrow August 4, 2009 with spoken word artist Juju Seahorse and KJ Denhert!   Look for performances by stupendous vocalists such as Ellen Christie, Jen Shyu, Gina Leishman, Dean Bowman, Leena Conquest, Kyoko Kitamura and more in September and beyond.

How is life and the summer treating you?



The ExPosed Blues Duo meets Tomas Ulrich

Anders Nilsson-guitar
Tomas Ulrich-cello

The Exposed Blues Duo adds cello and fire to an already simmering cauldron.

10PM Set
$10 Cover


Crash, Braaaww, Thud, Aaaaah

Roswell Rudd-trombone
Tyshawn Sorey-drums, piano

8PM Set
$20 Cover

Join us for the world-premiere of this special trio!

All happening @ THE STONE
Corner of Second Street and Avenue C

F, V Train to 2nd Avenue


**The Evolving Voice Vocal Series **
Presented by: Arts for Arts and RUCMA

$10 Cover per Set


269 E. Houston Street (corner of Suffolk Street)
Fun and funky bar atmosphere with great drinks and a hip vibe.
F, V to 2nd Avenue