Dear Friends,

Tomorrow morning I head to Chicago, IL to perform for the first time, doing a couple of concerts in town with Anders Nilsson and we’re uber-excited!!  I just love Chicago.  About five years ago my husband and I went there for Labor Day weekend just to hang and it turned out to be one of the best mini-vacations we ever had.  Beautiful city, vibrant cultural scene, incredible history and a major hub for that part of the country. Plus going out the hear music was sublime.  Audiences seemed to be there for the music, not any opportunities for themselves.  Audiences also took the music very seriously.  I loved the vibe and the openness in this HUGE city where the first skyscraper was born. I had such a good time that if it didn’t get so darn cold and windy, I could envision myself moving there.

So I can’t say it enough how thrilled I am to be going there and if you have anyone in the nabe, please let them know what’s up and here’s where we’ll be: On THURSDAY, APRIL 8 we’ll play at the Elastic and then the legendary Velvet Lounge on FRIDAY, APRIL 9 performing pieces from THE FREESONG SUITE, the upcoming release of BARE and free improv forays.  We’ll be joined by a couple of Chicago ‘s finest for the proceedings as well – cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm joins us at the Velvet and drummer Tim Daisy (+ reedist Dave Rempis joining in the 2nd set) at the Elastic.

TIMEOUT CHICAGO was generous enough to spotlight our visit here and we can’t wait to get there.

Happy Spring time to you and stay tuned for more postings talking about Trillium E (Anthony Braxton’s opera), upcoming gigs and more.

Best wishes and enjoy the sun,