Beautiful words on Roswell Rudd’s Trombone for Lovers!

Happy Winter Greetings!

rudd_roswel_trombonef_101bStopping in to report some news on legendary trombonist Roswell Rudd’s beautiful record that I had to the honor to be a part of that included such amazoid luminaries as Bob Dorough, John Medeski, Steven Bernstein, Gary Lucas and more.  I performed the great blues tune “Trouble in Mind”  and had a ball the day we recorded it Upstate State New York on a gorgeous mid-Fall day in 2012.  First UP – Trombone For Lovers cracked the top 50 Jazz Albums by the NPR Jazz Critics Poll, coming in at #41! Well beautiful words have been pouring in and I’d like to share a few of those quotes here:

“Legendary jazz trombonist Roswell Rudd may be 78 years young, but he hasn’t lost a beat as a vibrant musician. On the consistent and enjoyable Trombone for Lovers, Rudd – “with a little help from … friends” – covers songs that are meaningful to him encompassing various genres. On “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, Rudd and partner in crime Steven Bernstein (slide trumpet) interpret the Loesser vocal classic in dramatic fashion, accompanied by a churchy B3, compliments of John Medeski.

Guest vocalist Fay Victor steals the show on the bluesy “Trouble in Mind
”, with the rhythm section soundly backing her. On “Green Onions”, Rudd and company let loose, with the acclaimed soul tune easily lending itself to jazz. Later, Rudd liberally approaches Duke Ellington’s “Come Sunday”, adventurously changing styles, and breathing new life into the timeless classic. Track after track, Rudd’s musicianship and sharpness impresses, making Trombone for Lovers shine radiantly.”
-Brett Faukner,

Trombone for Lovers
Sunnyside ***1/2
“An audaciously titled record (!), the band of avant garde trombonist Roswell Rudd, now 78, whose playing over the years has decorated such landmark recordings as Archie Shepp’s Mama Too Tight and Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra sets up a ‘Comin’ Home Baby’-like groove on opener ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’. And uncannily on the very next track the co-writer of ‘Baby’, Bob Dorough, pops up, growlingly, as if by magic on Lennon and McCartney’s ‘Here, There and Everywhere’. With songs drawn from Rudd’s recollections of childhood (“at this time in my life I worship at the altar of melody”, he wrote during the album’s Kickstarter campaign) when he would sing the songs in school or in church here seen as “standards in American song” Rudd is in a core quartet with John Medeski on B3, bassist Richard Hammond and drummer Aaron Comess, with lots of guests including Gary Lucas, Fay Victor, and Sexmob’s Steven Bernstein on a fun set of tunes. As you’d expect with Medeski on the organ it’s a highly infectious groove (carefully weighted on ‘Green Onions’) and while there is something of a raggedy jamming feel throughout, that doesn’t detract; in fact it’s a bonus. The album is not without its great moments, Fay Victor capable of stopping the traffic dead in its tracks on ‘Trouble in Mind’ a performance that simply soars away; Rudd raw and emotional on ‘Unchained Melody’; and showing his soloing imagination on ‘The Relentless Walk’ section of ‘Joe Hill’ segueing into Reggie Bennett’s conscious rap.

Roswell Rudd: Trombone for Lovers
“The “Joe Hill” suite at the end takes some getting used to, but since when has organizing been easy? Everything else is just superb: the opening “Ghost Riders in the Sky” with Steven Bernstein’s slide trumpet, Bob Dorough on “Here, There & Everywhere,” Fay Victor on “Trouble in Mind,” Michael Doucet’s violin on “Autumn Leaves” and “Tennessee Waltz,” familiar songs that seem perfect when they pop up: “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” “Struttin’ With Some Barbecue,” “Green Onions,” “Unchained Melody,” “September Song.”
Tom Hull, The Village Voice
The Best Jazz Albums of 2013

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November 2013: Halloween, Absinthe & Vermouth, Trombones, Duos etc…

FVE_Absinthe&VermouthHello everyone,

I hope this email finds you well and all is well in your world.  The news came on Sunday that the great musician, poet and rocker Lou Reed died at the tender age of 71 stopping me dead in my tracks for a moment until I realized he lived a full – take no prisoners – kind of life, not without consequence.  I applaud and respect anyone who is confident enough to live that way. He had guts and grit, to me its a gift that he was here to experience through his music. SO tough to put your heart and soul out into the world and be secure in how you’ll be perceived – good or bad.  Yet we creative sorts do this every time we step onto a stage or reveal a new piece of art or premiere a play.  Its the unknown response that seeps inside us and helps us try to be better, more focused, more connected so we can feel it when any genuine response is there. It works that way for me…the more I connect, the deeper I want to go the next time.

Speaking of a revealing….NOVEMBER 5, 2013  I’m extremely excited to release Absinthe & Vermouth, the newest CD from the Fay Victor Ensemble!  It’s our third release as a group and my third of all original music by Jochem van Dijk and myself. Guitarist Anders Nilsson and bassist Ken Filiano have been tussling with the music for 8 1/2 years now and I am incredibly grateful for their contribution to my strange musical vision. Not only do I love what we managed to lay down but the composing for the group has evolved significantly toward this new direction which I’ll call ‘chamber-funk’ for now. I hope you’ll check it out, enjoy it, spread the word and purchase it.  Its my most important project to date and your feedback is deeply appreciated.  If you’re in the New York City area, then join us for the CD release event on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13 2013 at JACK in Brooklyn. It is going to be a serious explosive blast! Three Sets of music – starting the Night off with Roy Nathanson & Friends with Ben Perowsky, Sam Barfield and Tim Kiah, the The Fay Victor Ensemble Absinthe & Vermouth CD Release show followed by Marika, Mazz and Morley, which is Marika Hughes, Mazz swift and Morley Morley! you can preview Absinthe & Vermouth here and you can pre-order Absinthe & Vermouth on Amazon right now.

Another major highlight in November: I’m fortunate and honored to be on a track of the esteemed trombonist Roswell Rudd’s new CD TROMBONE for LOVERS to be released on November 19th on Sunnyside Records. It’s a star studded affair with such folk as John Medeski, Steven Bernstein, Gary Lucas, Bob Dorough and Alan Commess (of the Spin Doctors) and more. I’m performing “Trouble in Mind” on the new record and I’ll join everyone at Le Poisson Rouge on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24th for the celebration of this wonderful album and Roswell’s 78th birthday.  Save the Date for that too!

There’s a lot more great happenings coming up starting with this Thursday (HALLOWEEN) and into November so without further ado – here are the details

THURSDAYOctober 31, 2013
A DUO Dialogue for Halloween
FV – voice
Marvin Sewell – guitar
blues, jazz, mayhem, wails, shrieks, etc….
Early Set (7-9PM)
NO COVER, 2 Drink minimum

SATURDAYNovember 2, 2013
Tyshawn Sorey/Fay Victor DUO
FV-voice (and more)
Tyshawn Sorey – Drums (and more)
No way to say how this will go other than it will GO! Bring seat belts.
in double bill with
Doggy Woof
Super Natsuki Tamura (didgeridoo)
Ken Kobayashi (drums, percussion)
Jochem van Dijk (bass guitar, effects)
121 7th Street
Brooklyn, NY

SATURDAYNovember 8th, 2013
House concert with Jaap Blonk!
Details on a need to know basis – inbox me for details.

**WEDNESDAYNovember 13, 2013**
CD Release Feast at JACK!
The Fay Victor Ensemble presents
Absinthe & Vermouth (Greene Avenue Music)
with sets by Marika, Mazz & Morley
Roy Nathanson & Friends
$15 for the night
505 1/2 Waverly Place
Brooklyn, NY 11238

SATURDAYNovember 16, 2013
Improvisations at
Real Art Ways
FV – voice, words
Joe Morris – guitar, bass
Stephen Haynes – cornets
56 Arbor Street #1
Hartford, CT 06106

SUNDAYNovember 24, 2013
Trombone for Lovers: A 78th Birthday Concert for Roswell Rudd
Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker Street
NY NY 10012

TUESDAYNovember 26th 2013
Party for Han Earl Park!
w/ a cavalcade of pretty amazing improvisors!
Douglass Street Music Collective
295 Douglass Street
Brooklyn, NY

Thank you for reading and keeping in touch. This month is packed full of performances with musical heroes I’ve never worked with before such as Joe Morris, Steven Bernstein, Bob Dorough and Jaap Blonk on top of releasing the new FVE record and being a guest on Roswell’s new disc! I feel so blessed and I hope to see you out. thanks so much for reading and for all your support.
Autumn greetings to you!