Chicago’s Glow + Upcoming Gigs!

Dear Friends,

How is life and Spring treating you? I’ve been rather busy working on new music, mentoring some lovely teen-aged girls and seeing family I haven’t seen in awhile.  All this, and with the warming of the weather, has me feeling positive and grateful.  Not to mention the shiny afterglow of a great 2-night stand in Chicago, IL earlier this month (APRIL 8 & 9).  Guitarist Anders Nilsson and I went there to perform pieces from BARE, our upcoming debut as the ExPosed Blues Duo and play with some special musicians based there.  TimeOut Chicago and The Chicago Reader gave great previews in their respective publications and WNUR asked us to do an on air performance as well! What a welcome…

On top of that the concerts were great, organic happenings with new musicians that felt like old friends.  Our first night at the Elastic, we played with Tim Daisy (drums) with Dave Rempis (reeds) joining us on the 2nd set.  A mostly free improvised evening of music with a few original pieces thrown in. The small wonderful turnout made us feel so welcome by listening intently and giving  strong, warm feedback after the show. We played the Velvet Lounge the next night – very different repertoire & line-up, working from the ExPosed blues bag with cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm joining us for the night.  Wonderful audience again, warm and listening.  Such a great experience to play at both venues and the openness of the audience and the musicians was, well…heartwarming.  I can’t say enough about how well received I felt. There is also the gorgeous city that Chicago is.  And the weather gods were mostly on our side, so I took loads of pics and you can check some out here through this link…

I can’t wait to go back.

Yet there is no place like home and I miss playing in town. I haven’t done so since the end of last month’s hit at the 55BAR.  Luckily, there are some things coming up.  I’ll be on the EVOLVING  Voice & Music Series this coming MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2010 performing the 8PM set of free improvisation and text with Oscar Noriega (reeds), Ken Filiano (bass), Simon Jermyn (guitar).  Following us will be a rare appearance of downtown stalwarts Jim Stately(trombone), Ikue Mori (laptop) with  Kyoko Kitamura (voice) for the 9PM set and Daniel Levin’s group finishing out the night at 10PM!

Checkout the complete schedule EVOLVING Music & Voice Series here.

Then next SATURDAY, MAY 1, 2010 –  I’ll perform another double bill with the wonderful vocalist Kyoko Kitamura. This will be the second double bill after the first one which took place at the Brecht Forum in January,  where both sets received standing ovations!! Kyoko will play piano and sing with dancer Mark Lamb and clarinetist Mike McGinnis doing avant-cabaret and more devilish things as A Remarkable Lollipop(for Adult consumption). Then its myself and Anders Nilsson as the ExPosed Blues Duo meeting cellist Tomas Ulrich.  Where we perform stream of consciousness blues and flow in and out of sound, words and form.  It’s electric.  It’s dynamic.  It might make you scream. Just maybe…

Check all FV show details on the PERFORMANCES section of the site and thanks for reading.

Also if you have an volcano stories, please share.  I heard a sweet one about a musician’s wife, who is a sculptor, went to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to make sculptures with the passengers waiting in the airport.  I thought that was a loving gesture! Did the volcano detain any of you?

Will post soon as May is shaping up to be quite a month!