Percussion, Words and Movement for MAY 2011

Dear Friends,

A happy Spring to you! Here in NYC we finally have a Spring I’m delighted to say.  It was tough going for a moment but that seems to be behind us now (if I haven’t jinxed it with this post!) Anyway, I digress.  So much to share so I’ll just get to it…

I mentioned in my last post that I’d perform with The Instant Composer’s Pool Orkest in Philadelphia and that was an amazingly fun night in early April! The music felt great all around, the audience was full and seemed to enjoy it plus the Christ Church in Philadelphia is such a beautiful venue.  Some family and friends came down to take in the concert as well.  Many thanks to the ICP for having me with them during their 3 day stay at the Ars Nova Workshop and to Susanna von Canon for all the arrangements.  About a week later on Monday, APRIL 11 the Evolving Music Series moved from the Local 269 to its new home at the Celemente Soto Velez.  We had an AMAZING grand opening including a duo set with Theo Bleckmann/Jay Clayton, The Charles Gayle Forgiveness Trio and Charles Gayle conducted a large ensemble after that as well to close out the night!  Thanks to bassist Dominic Lash for performing the opening set with me to a packed house.  I closed out April with a fun set at the 55BAR playing with the Jazz Vault Project working out some new vibes for a big gig coming up this month! Getting to that shortly but before I do a BIG thank you to Jason Crane for once again asking me to be on his popular and wonderful podcast, the JazzSession.  The show aired on April 11, 2011 and is still available for download here.

What’s on for May?  Well please everybody SAVE THE DATE of MONDAY, MAY 23 2011.  On this day I am proud to take part in Frank Oteri’s amazing Series 21st Century Schizoid Music at Cornelia Street Cafe. I’ll present two groups this evening, first up will be the Jazz Vault Project and then the Fay Victor Ensemble will perform on the 2nd set.  The Jazz Vault Project will focus on compositions of Herbie Nichols for this special evening and the Fay Victor Ensemble will perform new studio bound music for our third recording. It’s a great opportunity to present two of my groups and a great opportunity for people who haven’t seen me before to get a taste of what what I do.  I do hope you can make it and please spread the word!!
The Jazz Vault Project @ 8:30PM
Oscar Noriega-reeds
Anders Nilsson-acoustic guitar
Jose Davila-tuba

The Fay Victor Ensemble @ 9:30
FV-voice, compositions
Anders Nilsson-electric guitar, effects
Ken Filiano-double bass, effects
Michael TA Thompson-drums, percussion

On SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2011, I’ll take part in a special performance as a special guest with Percussionist Reggie Nicholson’s Percoetry project featuring Reggie Nicholson and the esteemed and legendary writer and poet, Amiri Baraka. I’m honored and humbled to share the stage with these two gentlemen. Please join us for a very different take through sounds and words in the afternoon with tea and other refreshments.  This is the LoftArt Series curated by Nioka Workman held at the TheatreLab.  And in just a couple of days – this TUESDAY, MAY 3, 2011 – please join me for the premiere of a new trio with reedist Oscar Noriega and precussionist Satoshi Takeshi, we’re calling it the Cauldron Trio, checking out sounds and textures using my words and the words of Paul Laurence Dunbar, Langston Hughes, Paul Harding, and Edgar Allen Poe with a free-improv flow. We’re on at the University of the Streets featuring a moment with Matt Lavelle on alto clarinet.  We’re on the 8PM set and all performance details are in the performance section of the FV site.

KAISO STORIES(Silkheart Records, 2011), my calyps0-free jazz project with Other Dimensions in Music (who are Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter, William Parker and Charles Downs) is getting some wonderful reviews and we’re celebrating the release on SUNDAY, JUNE  19th at The Stone!  More details on that coming up and check the discography page for some fresh quotes and for more insight into the project  – how it came together and more – please check out the Jason Crane’s Jazz Session podcast as mentioned earlier in this post.  You can purchase the record through the JazzLoft, InstantJazz and Silkheart Records.

Many thanks for reading.  Looking forward to sharing music with you soon…