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FVE_Cover A small update on some info on how The FreeSong Suite is doing and how to purchase your own copy!  Thanks for reading.

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**Currently #11 on the CMJ Jazz Charts
**Recommended New Release in September issue of All About Jazz – New York

What the press are saying:
“A jazz singer who makes her notes slow, wide and meaningful—she often sounds like an evening-out of Betty Carter and Abbey Lincoln—Fay Victor uses a great and simple concept on The FreeSong Suite (Greene Avenue Music)…a studio recording organized like a live set. This means the band flows from one song into another, without knowing where it’s going next…these songs have distinct melodic character: fascinating ballads with Anders Nilsson’s country-bluesy guitar soloing, drum chants, some careful free improvising.”
Ben Ratliff, The New York Times

“From free improv to the blues to alt-rock and back again, The FreeSong Suite is easily one of my top 10 records of 2009.”
Jason Crane, The Jazz Session

“Victor scats, vocalizes, chips, mumbles and sings bluesy chromatics or angular displays of dexterity, delivering the unexpected with beauty, depth and innovation.”
Wilbur MacKenzie, All About Jazz-New York

The FreeSong Suite, peers into the NYC-based vocalist’s challenging and rewarding world of captivating vocal work and stirring spontaneity.”
Andrew Zender, PopMatters.com



“Victor has the chops, the phrasing, the band and the courage to make contemporary music that references contemporary culture and materials that range from Carter to Berberian to Sun Ra to Hendrix. This is sheer, unadulterated brilliance. Buy it!”
Nilan Perera, Exclaim.ca, Canada’s Music Authority