June 2011 is BUSTING Open and Up

Hey Friends,

It appears that 2011 has reached its halfway mark and I can still remember clearly the beginning of this year!  Time is moving so fast and summer is almost here.  Feels like it is here since temps have hit 90 already and NYC gets ready for its jazz and blues summer with music in bigger and open spaces, where just walking by gets you an earful.  One of the great things of living in this city.  I hope everyone who reads this post and lives here too gets out and takes in as much of it as possible.  I sometimes forget to myself, so busy with work sometimes. But I decided this summer, I’ll try to be out more and enjoy what NYC has to offer. Its a treasure and with funding getting cut more and more, there is no guarantee that all these wonderful cultural events we take for granted will be here in years to come.  Just to name a small sampling, check out Central Park’s Summerstage, Brooklyn’s Prospect Park Bandshell, the Undead Jazz Festival and of course the Vision Festival, of which I am fortunate to be a part for the second year in a row.  And speaking of that, there’s a lot of musical diversity in my gig list this month, because of this city and the vibrant, diverse scene here.  There’s so much going on that I’m going to get right to it!

Coming up in a few, on FRIDAY, JUNE 3 2011 to be exact the FVE hits the early set at the 55BAR.  We had a thrilling night last month on Frank Oteri’s 21st Century Schizoid Music ar Cornelia Street Cafe where the FVE did a double bill with my Jazz Vault project (where we did a complete set of Herbie Nichols compositions) and the FVE performed the new music we’re working towards recording.  We’re getting the music stronger and tighter and we’ll continue digging in this Friday.  So come on down!

The 55BAR

FV-voice, compositions
Anders Nilsson-guitar, effects
Ken Filiano-bass, effects
Michael TA Thompson-drums,percussion
NO Cover, 2 drink minimum

Then I’ll be on the Vision Festival as part of Vocal Flight with vocalists Kyoko Kitamura and Jean Carla Rodea and bassist Filiano and drummer Tyshawn Sorey filling out the ensemble.  A combination of composed pieces and free music…dancing on the edge.  We kick off the night and what a night it is.


7:00PM – 8:00PM
Kyoko Kitamura, Jean Carla Rodea, FV – voice
Ken Filiano-bass
Tyshawn Sorey-drums
Abrons Arts Center Main Stage
466 Grand Street between
Pitt St and Abraham Pl
Door:$30  Event Pass:$140  Students & Seniors:$20
nearest subway East Broadway or Delancey on the F, Essex St on the J,M,Z
complete schedule – www.visionfestival.org

On SUNDAY JUNE 12 2011 join myself and percussionist Satoshi Takeshi for an intimate concert at the loft of the Connie Crothers. We’ll delve into words and textures focusing on sound exploration. I had the amazing honor of performing with the esteemed poet and writer Amiri Baraka last month on a beautiful concert put together by percussionist Reggie Nicholson.  The sound of words and drums alone is truly special and I look forward to continue this exploration with Satoshi. Perhaps we’ll have a special guest as well.

at the home of pianist extraordinaire Connie Crothers
Presents: DUO-Fay Victor/Satoshi Takeshi
SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2011

Contribution $10
475 Kent Avenue (between Division Avenue and South 11th Street),
#410 Brooklyn, NY 11211(get full directions in the performance section)

Then PLEASE Save the Date of SUNDAY, JUNE 19, 2011 is the CD-Release for KAISO STORIES!!

The record has gotten some great reviews and we’re thrilled at the reception of the music and of Calypso!  So please join myself and Other Dimensions in Music for this special event…

Some words we’ve gotten on KAISO STORIES:

“While the record is steeped in Victor’s heritage, even the accents and inflections she grew up hearing, it’d be a mistake to call KAISO STORIES a calypso record. It’s free jazz with source material and as such is an unusual and wonderful album.”
-Kurt Gottschalk , The New York City Jazz Record

9/10 – “Conjuring up the spirit of Jeanne Lee, Fay Victor speaks, sings, and wails like a horn through variations of eight Caribbean tunes from the 1930s through early ’70s. A wonderful combination, simultaneously true to its origins and entirely new.”
-Laurence Joseph, Montreal Mirror

***** “Victor’s voice sonically melds with Carter and Campbell, becoming a third horn, adding compelling counterpoint throughout. In a civilized world with a forward thinking music industry and curious listenership, in a culture a where Art was as valued as everyone likes to say it is,KAISO STORIES would be a crossover sensation, charting for months and finding a grateful audience that no Improvised music had found before. Until such time, it is one for the initiated to treasure.”
Stanley Zappa, Free Jazz

Happening at The STONE – SUNDAY, JUNE 19 2011

Roy Campbell-trumpets and more
Daniel Carter-reeds and more
William Parker-bass and more
Charles Downs-drums


The last gig of the month goes somewhere else again.  Doing our semi annual double bill hang, myself and Kyoko Kitamura have a very different meeting from the Vision Festival gig, pairing ourselves off with complementary partners.  Kyoko with dancer Mark Lamb and myself with bassist Ken Filiano. Not sure where we’ll go and that’s definitely part of the fun.

DOUBLE BILL: Kyoko Kitamura/Mark Lamb + FV/Ken Filiano
Avenue C and 5th St.
$10 suggested donation

Kyoko Kitamura-voice/piano
Mark Lamb-spoken words, movement
Ken Filiano-bass

Phew! With the exception of a couple things, I’m going to take it a little easy this summer gig-wise, focusing on workshops I’ll be teaching in NYC and California in a few months and on a wonderful project with Dutch composer/musician Ab Baars.  Much more on all of this soon. Thanks so much to reading and I hope to see you in the park listening to music or at one of the shows.

Happy coming summer,


December 2010 NEWS: Back on the Block

Dear Friends,

A happy belated Thanksgiving to you all and early Holiday greetings too!  Jochem and I spent a relatively quiet & cozy Thanksgiving entertaining a few of those closest to us. So much to be thankful for, especially glad to be back in New York City, after being away for over 6 weeks and  I’m looking forward to a December of a few lovely gigs, seeing YOU and the promise for 2011.

And I’m almost there but first a warm thank you for those that came out to the ExPosed Blues Duo gig at the Shrine on last Thursday (NOVEMBER 18th).  It was a new room for us and I’m not sure it was the best fit yet we had a supportive audience as well as warm feedback after the show. We’ll play the ExPosed Blues Duo out again this month as part of the EVOLVING Voice & Music Series at the Local 269 on December 20th…

And what else is up for December?  I start off the month sharing a double bill with one of my favorite singers and people on the planet, Kyoko Kitamura.  We’ll play at 5C this coming FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2010 for the second time (we had a killer night there back in May) and Kyoko opens things up at 8PM with dancer Mark Lamb, presenting the Dolly Parson Avant-Cabaret Project (sequel to the Remarkable Lollipop) followed at 9PM by myself and bassist Ken Filiano performing a free-wheeling improv set with sounds and text.  I hope you will join us for a fun filled evening. We’re asking for a $10 donation per set…

On THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2010 join me for the Early Set @ the 55BAR for the return of the Jazz Vault Project with a slightly different line-up for this nights’ dip into Herbie Nichols and Thelonious Monk.  Joining me will be esteemed pianist Anthony Coleman plus Jose Davila on tuba! I’ve really missed playing at the 5’s and playing these tunes here in town. So come on down on hang out. and if you love Herbie Nichols, come check out his tunes with lyrics!

Then…yes…the ExPosed Blues Duo makes a final appearance for 2010 on the EVOLVING Voice & Music Series on December 20th, following a set of JuJu Seahorse, Paul Harding’s spoken music ensemble.  Should be a wonderful night and in fact all of December is a great month for music down at the Local 269 for EVOLVING Voice & Music.  Keep in touch with what’s happening here:  http://www.facebook.com/vision.festival and check out all the gig details in the PERFORMANCE section of the FV website. And actually this is my last gig for 2010 as of this writing. Closing out the year with the joyful lament known as the blues feels completely appropriate since the new is on the way.

I can’t believe that we’re are almost officially out of the first decade of this new century. I feel that we’re going into the next phase of things open to the new possibilites ‘change’ tends to evoke.  Next year looks like an interesting year for sure. Please be on the lookout for the Silkheart Records release of KAISO STORIES, the avant-calypso project recorded late summer 2010 with Other Dimensions in Music.  The Fay Victor Ensemble has TWO gigs coming up early next year developing and showcasing the new material for our next project to be released in 2011.  I’m excited to make an appearance as a featured guest with dancer Mark Lamb and Mark Lamb Dance as part of his successful monthly Salon Series in January. Plus I’ll keep you abreast of the wonderful project I’m thrilled to be involved in with reedist Ab Baars in November 2011 in Europe.  And so much more. I’ll keep you posted here and if you’re not on the mailing list please join to get those updates as well.

I wish you all the best wishes for a safe and sound Holiday Season and many open thoughts and opportunities for you in the New Year and Decade!!

In music and more,

Chicago’s Glow + Upcoming Gigs!

Dear Friends,

How is life and Spring treating you? I’ve been rather busy working on new music, mentoring some lovely teen-aged girls and seeing family I haven’t seen in awhile.  All this, and with the warming of the weather, has me feeling positive and grateful.  Not to mention the shiny afterglow of a great 2-night stand in Chicago, IL earlier this month (APRIL 8 & 9).  Guitarist Anders Nilsson and I went there to perform pieces from BARE, our upcoming debut as the ExPosed Blues Duo and play with some special musicians based there.  TimeOut Chicago and The Chicago Reader gave great previews in their respective publications and WNUR asked us to do an on air performance as well! What a welcome…

On top of that the concerts were great, organic happenings with new musicians that felt like old friends.  Our first night at the Elastic, we played with Tim Daisy (drums) with Dave Rempis (reeds) joining us on the 2nd set.  A mostly free improvised evening of music with a few original pieces thrown in. The small wonderful turnout made us feel so welcome by listening intently and giving  strong, warm feedback after the show. We played the Velvet Lounge the next night – very different repertoire & line-up, working from the ExPosed blues bag with cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm joining us for the night.  Wonderful audience again, warm and listening.  Such a great experience to play at both venues and the openness of the audience and the musicians was, well…heartwarming.  I can’t say enough about how well received I felt. There is also the gorgeous city that Chicago is.  And the weather gods were mostly on our side, so I took loads of pics and you can check some out here through this link…

I can’t wait to go back.

Yet there is no place like home and I miss playing in town. I haven’t done so since the end of last month’s hit at the 55BAR.  Luckily, there are some things coming up.  I’ll be on the EVOLVING  Voice & Music Series this coming MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2010 performing the 8PM set of free improvisation and text with Oscar Noriega (reeds), Ken Filiano (bass), Simon Jermyn (guitar).  Following us will be a rare appearance of downtown stalwarts Jim Stately(trombone), Ikue Mori (laptop) with  Kyoko Kitamura (voice) for the 9PM set and Daniel Levin’s group finishing out the night at 10PM!

Checkout the complete schedule EVOLVING Music & Voice Series here.

Then next SATURDAY, MAY 1, 2010 –  I’ll perform another double bill with the wonderful vocalist Kyoko Kitamura. This will be the second double bill after the first one which took place at the Brecht Forum in January,  where both sets received standing ovations!! Kyoko will play piano and sing with dancer Mark Lamb and clarinetist Mike McGinnis doing avant-cabaret and more devilish things as A Remarkable Lollipop(for Adult consumption). Then its myself and Anders Nilsson as the ExPosed Blues Duo meeting cellist Tomas Ulrich.  Where we perform stream of consciousness blues and flow in and out of sound, words and form.  It’s electric.  It’s dynamic.  It might make you scream. Just maybe…

Check all FV show details on the PERFORMANCES section of the site and thanks for reading.

Also if you have an volcano stories, please share.  I heard a sweet one about a musician’s wife, who is a sculptor, went to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to make sculptures with the passengers waiting in the airport.  I thought that was a loving gesture! Did the volcano detain any of you?

Will post soon as May is shaping up to be quite a month!