June BUG

Happy June to you!

I’m really enjoying seeing lots of sunlight and feeling its warmth and I hope you are too.  It’s such a good feeling and now is a good time for me to take a small step back and chill for a moment after the whirlwind month of May and get recharged for the fun later on in this month of June.  I’ve got a SAVE the DATE in this post too because the Fay Victor Ensemble is included in The Vision Festival XV line-up this year!  On a night that is just to die for.  But more on that in a minute, I’d like to share what went down in May…

May 2010 was a pretty life-changing and life-affirming month.

The month got off to a running start with the ExPosed Blues Duo meets Thomas Ulrich double bill with stellar vocalist Kyoko Kitamura & dancer Mark Lamb (SATURDAY, MAY 1st).  We took over 5C Cafe in the LES and the cozy space could barely accommodate the folks who came out to support and listen.  Not only did we have a great time but an old friend from the Netherlands came to hang with us on her first visit to New York.  A week later I appeared in Mark Lamb Dance Second Saturday Sanctuary Salon Series at Seven (SATURDAY, MAY 8th) where I sang an a capella piece and improvised piece with Mark Lamb himself.  That was a wonderful experience because I not only sang, I dance along with Mark and it was improvised.  The words, the movement, the music –  it was exhilarating and I think I want to dance more. This great monthly event also included an entire set by Kyoko Kitamura and Mark Lamb as well as performances by vocalists Kendra Shank, Terre Roche and the Mark Lamb Dancers.  Learn more about the Salon Series and Mark Lamb here.

The next day, I boarded a plane to Europe to start a three gig run with the venerable ICP Orchestra (I explain how venerable in an earlier post here) in Germany and The Netherlands (MAY 12-14, 2010).  I arranged to get there a full day ahead to chill with friends before I rehearsed with the group because I was very nervous. Almost scared to death. This was a big deal. I knew the music and played with some members of the group before.  Yet I also knew they never hired a vocalist in this capacity before so I put even more pressure on myself to deliver.  The day of the rehearsal at the BIM in Amsterdam, I checked into the hotel nearby and almost had a panic attack, worried that perhaps they made a mistake and what was I thinking.  What were they thinking? When I get to the rehearsal I run into journalist Kevin Whitehead, over to hang with the group on tour but I didn’t expect to see him here at the rehearsal.  My anxiety level rose toward overdrive…

But what was I thinking to be worried. Everyone in the group made me feel welcome almost immediately.  I was nervous and decided to share that fact with the members I already knew. The rehearsal started with a tune that I knew well too.  So I eased up gradually and we got into the thing. Three  hours later we worked out what was needed to hit the road and it felt good.  I could breathe again.  Freely.

That night I hung out with a dear friend and went to Zaal 100 (a funky, fun spot to hang) where I got to hear the FANTASTIC Chicago drummer Mike Reed, Amsterdam jazz stalwart Sean Bergin and lots more. I was so eager with anticipation to head to Cologne the next day to perform at the Musik Trienniale as part of a double Bill with Henry Threadgill’s ZOOID, that I ducked out early from this hang because if I didn’t, I’d have been there til 3AM.  Amsterdam is my favorite city to hang in.  With the right people the hang is GOOD.  But not this night.  I needed to be as ready as I could be.

Our first gig felt good though slightly tentative, since it was being recorded for radio and Cologne’s Philharmonie was very beautiful but uber-intimidating with its pipe organ the size of a Brooklyn brownstone  and all that wood.  Yet the next night, back in the Netherlands, the concert in Den Haag’s more gritty venue, made everyone feel at home and I felt freer.  The final night at a packed Bimhuis in Amsterdam was simply glorious.  A musical highlight of my life. The audience was incredibly generous and so were the musicians.  And the Music!  My husband Jochem, who flew in to be at the concert told me later “You sound like you’ve been in the band for years.” and to top it off Kevin Whitehead DJ’d in the bar afterward till 2AM! Here are some great pics of the Bimhuis gig taken by Jochem and some pics of Amsterdam here. At the end of the gigs with ICP, when I had a moment to reflect, I realized that the concerts went well because I fit into their thing but also was more and more myself. I comfortable to express myself with them and vice versa.  I’m happy I managed that at the end. It made me feel that I can try anything – no matter the outcome – because that’s the only way I’ll know what I’m capable of.  And what I can reach for. I am so grateful for this experience…I learned a lot and had an absolute ball.  That’s a hanging band!

I stayed a few days longer in Holland to see fam and friends and tried to steer clear of the volcanic ash which reared it’s ugly plumage again while I was over the Pond. But it worked out and Jochem and I got back home safe and sound.  I hadn’t a second to lose either.  That next day (WEDNESDAY, MAY 19th) I took  part in a Spring Concert at Claremont Prep in downtown Manhattan where I had been part of a mentoring program hosted by the Jazz Foundation of America and arranged by actor Michael Imperioli of The Soprano’s fame.  You can read more about that here. That same day I got a call to replace Madeleine Peryoux at the Jazz Foundation of America Annual A Great Night in Harlem” Gala at the Apollo Theater the following night (THURSDAY, MAY 20th) as part of a special tribute to Billie Holiday with Vince Giordano & Nighthawks, performing Billie’s seminal “Don’t Explain.”

And May closed out with a whopper of a gig with the Fay Victor Ensemble!! We just past the 5-year mark as a group and had our first gig for 2010 at the INCREDIBLE Firehouse 12 in New Haven, Connecticut (FRIDAY, MAY 28th).  Wonderful audience and we just got back into our space and then took off in new directions.  Plus the venue simply takes care of you.  All we had to do was concentrate on getting there (oooh the traffic!) and making music.  That opportunity is priceless and I think the music we performed is reflective of that ability to just focus and create. I’ll get to hear it in a few and I’ll post some tracks…

Plus EVOLVING Voice & Music, the series I co-curate with Bradley Farberman through RUCMA/Arts for Art, Inc. had one of it’s strongest months in May, culminating with a tribute to Interstellar Space (John Coltrane/Rashied Ali) at the Local with only drum/sax duos this past MONDAY, MAY 31st.  It was a resounding success, the room packed from 7PM on and the music was FANTABULOUS!  Everyone who was there really loved it. How easy is that to do in NYC?  We couldn’t be happier.  Not to mention wonderful sets throughout May by the likes of Katie Bull, Sara Serpa, fellow Trillium E-ite Chris DiMeglio, Nora McCarthy and more AND we started the Vocal Improv Sessions with vocalists Nora McCarthy and Maryane DeProphetis and reedist Ras Moshe.  Woo…that was great! The next one is happening on July 26th.  Some pictures too: Click here to check out pics from (the mainly vocal ) sets in May 2010 and click here to see pics from Interstellar Space Night!

What a month…

For June: I’m taking a small breather before the Fay Victor Ensemble meets again to play at Vision Festival XV!  Please SAVE THE DATE (FRIDAY, JUNE 25, 2010) for this one and come on down. The entire night is too damn cool for school. Seriously.  We open things up at 7PM and we’re followed by the Sabir Mateen Ensemble, then JAYNE CORTEZ and the Firespitters (I LOVE her…a MUST see) and finally the legendary Amira and Amina Baraka round out the night!! Check it all out here.  It’s such an honor to be included in the Festival in the first place but getting to present my own group as well is very special, so please do try and make it if you can. I’ll be bugging you about the Vision Festival gig throughout June but hopefully not too much.

Before that join the party and celebrate Anthony Braxton’s 65th birthday!! two nights of music and celebration on FRIDAY, JUNE 18th at Le Poisson Rouge and SATURDAY, JUNE 19 at Issue Project Room.  We’ll be doing excerpts from the Braxton opera Trillium E at Issue Project Room.

I close out June with an appearance at Rose Live Music with the Jazz Vault Project as part of a evening called Brooklyn Experiments Groove Series on SUNDAY, JUNE 27.  We’re up on the 10:30 Set.  All details for the gigs on the PERFORMANCES section of the site.

A monthful and a mouthful for sure. Thanks again for reading and thank GOD for music!

Happy trails and sunlight,


Firehouse 12!!

Dear Friends,

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to play at Firehouse 12 tomorrow night on FRIDAY, MAY 28th with the Fay Victor Ensemble!!  It’s our first gig for 2010 and we are stoked. And what a venue with an esteemed reputation for great sound, programming and for being a very hip spot to check out improvised music in the Northeast. They also have a state of the art recording studio (and record label) plus there’s a restaurant with and stupendous winelist to boot. We are honored. www.firehouse12.com and please checkout two previews of the upcoming gigs here and here!

And I’m just back from a magnificent tour with the ICP Orkest.  We played 3 concerts starting in Koln, Germany as part of the Koln MusikTrienniale and ended at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2 days later.  It was so much fun and musical enrichment packed into just a few days.  I haven’t laughed like I did and been this challenged all at the same time.  It was exhilarating!!  I will write more about it when I get into June and if you’d like to see some pics from the Bimhuis concert, take a look here: http://www.facebook.com/album.phpaid=57680&id=1049977735&l=8418d26088

I’m hoping all is good with you and lot’s more coming soon…and if you have friends in the New Haven area, please send them our way. Thanks for your support.

In music,


Cause for Celebrating May 2010

Life is full of wonders sometimes.  Every now and then something happens to me that blows me away, throws me for a loop or just has me baffled.  Lately, I’ve been blown away a lot. Maybe I’m getting old or losing my edge but I just feel full of awe.  At everything. I’m sure it will pass yet I’m embracing the new feeling and I don’t remember feeling like this as consistently as I do now.  May 2010 promises to be a wondrous sort of month.

In about a week I head to Amsterdam, the Netherlands to perform with the world renowned Instant Composers Pool (ICP) as a special guest, performing a program of Herbie Nichols, Thelonious Monk and Misha Mengelberg’s compositions. Even though I write these words, it’s still hard for me to believe that it’s really happening and until I get on the plane, I think I’ll stay in a state of suspended reality. But I’m rambling.  I’m thrilled.  I’m floored.

I remember the first time I heard ICP live.  Probably about 12 years ago, I went to the Bimhuis to see them play.  Some friends had been talking about ICP and they are an institution in the Netherlands so I thought it time I go and see what this was all about.  I had no idea what to expect except mayhem. So I walked past the bar in the old Bimhuis and into a loosely crowded space. I’m late and the concert was already underway.  Lights up. Audience members at all levels.  Standing, sitting, dancing, kneeling, bending over to drink or extinguish cigarettes and when I could finally see the stage, the music to some unknown tune had stopped and Misha Mengelberg got up from the piano and Han Bennink got up from his kit.  They moved center stage and sat at a small table and started having a random conversation!  Some band members still played, others just stood around.  Like the audience.  This conversation between Misha and Han turned into a free jazz foray that sent the crowd wild.  Me included. Then they played a dixieland tune.  Like a dixieland tune.  No funny business.  Then they played a Monk tune.

Then they went somewhere else. Still they sounded cohesive to me, even though they touched on many different things. It was thrilling!  It was inspiring and I went back to hear them more, always enjoying the music AND the Grateful Dead-esque atmosphere they conjure up.  Not only did I find the music and approach beautiful, their music went on to inform how I think and create my own music.  I’ve been fortunate to have performed with different members of ICP over the years but never with the entire group.  How important is this group? Well if it weren’t for Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink, there would probably be no Bimhuis. Members of the 44-year old ICP Orchestra were instrumental in getting respect for improvised, new and jazz music on conservatories and in the arts funding corners of government in the Netherlands. Moreover the group was the first to release music of Herbie Nichols compositions back in the 1980’s and countless other recordings as well.  So I will play three concerts with them. In Amsterdam and Den Haag in the Netherlands. In Cologne in Germany, where we share a double bill with Henry Threadgill’s ZOOID, which happens to be one of my favorite bands on the planet!  Wow. Learn more about ICP here.

A week after I return home, The Fay Victor Ensemble will debut at New Haven’s FireHouse 12! We’re terribly excited to play in this amazing acoustic space and it will be the FVE’s first gig in 2010.  I know many of you in the NYC area won’t be able to make it, so please SAVE THE DATE of JUNE 25, 2010 when the FVE debuts at the Vision Festival!!!  The Fay Victor Ensemble opens an amazing evening of music I’m honored to be part of.  Please check the entire schedule here.

But before that, a couple things happening in town that I am excited about as well! Please join us this SATURDAY, MAY 1, 2010 for another double bill with Kyoko Kitamura and Mark Lamb as a Remarkable Lollipop for Adult Consumption. And guitarist Anders Nilsson and myself (as the ExPosed Blues Duo) spar with cellist Tomas Ulrich. We three have ‘met’ about 3 times now and each meeting gets hotter and hotter.  No telling where it will go tomorrow!  We hope to see you at the 5C CAFE and the fun starts off at 8PM! Then next SATURDAY, MAY 8, 2010, I’ll be a guest as part of dancer Mark Lamb Second Saturday Salon Series at 7. It will be a cozy evening of music, community and dance interweaving with each other and connecting. Learn more about Mark Lamb and his work here and come join us. You can find all the gig details on the PERFORMANCES section of the site.

I may dance a little myself, just to celebrate.

I hope things are wonderful with you.

In music,

Chicago’s Glow + Upcoming Gigs!

Dear Friends,

How is life and Spring treating you? I’ve been rather busy working on new music, mentoring some lovely teen-aged girls and seeing family I haven’t seen in awhile.  All this, and with the warming of the weather, has me feeling positive and grateful.  Not to mention the shiny afterglow of a great 2-night stand in Chicago, IL earlier this month (APRIL 8 & 9).  Guitarist Anders Nilsson and I went there to perform pieces from BARE, our upcoming debut as the ExPosed Blues Duo and play with some special musicians based there.  TimeOut Chicago and The Chicago Reader gave great previews in their respective publications and WNUR asked us to do an on air performance as well! What a welcome…

On top of that the concerts were great, organic happenings with new musicians that felt like old friends.  Our first night at the Elastic, we played with Tim Daisy (drums) with Dave Rempis (reeds) joining us on the 2nd set.  A mostly free improvised evening of music with a few original pieces thrown in. The small wonderful turnout made us feel so welcome by listening intently and giving  strong, warm feedback after the show. We played the Velvet Lounge the next night – very different repertoire & line-up, working from the ExPosed blues bag with cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm joining us for the night.  Wonderful audience again, warm and listening.  Such a great experience to play at both venues and the openness of the audience and the musicians was, well…heartwarming.  I can’t say enough about how well received I felt. There is also the gorgeous city that Chicago is.  And the weather gods were mostly on our side, so I took loads of pics and you can check some out here through this link…

I can’t wait to go back.

Yet there is no place like home and I miss playing in town. I haven’t done so since the end of last month’s hit at the 55BAR.  Luckily, there are some things coming up.  I’ll be on the EVOLVING  Voice & Music Series this coming MONDAY, APRIL 26, 2010 performing the 8PM set of free improvisation and text with Oscar Noriega (reeds), Ken Filiano (bass), Simon Jermyn (guitar).  Following us will be a rare appearance of downtown stalwarts Jim Stately(trombone), Ikue Mori (laptop) with  Kyoko Kitamura (voice) for the 9PM set and Daniel Levin’s group finishing out the night at 10PM!

Checkout the complete schedule EVOLVING Music & Voice Series here.

Then next SATURDAY, MAY 1, 2010 –  I’ll perform another double bill with the wonderful vocalist Kyoko Kitamura. This will be the second double bill after the first one which took place at the Brecht Forum in January,  where both sets received standing ovations!! Kyoko will play piano and sing with dancer Mark Lamb and clarinetist Mike McGinnis doing avant-cabaret and more devilish things as A Remarkable Lollipop(for Adult consumption). Then its myself and Anders Nilsson as the ExPosed Blues Duo meeting cellist Tomas Ulrich.  Where we perform stream of consciousness blues and flow in and out of sound, words and form.  It’s electric.  It’s dynamic.  It might make you scream. Just maybe…

Check all FV show details on the PERFORMANCES section of the site and thanks for reading.

Also if you have an volcano stories, please share.  I heard a sweet one about a musician’s wife, who is a sculptor, went to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to make sculptures with the passengers waiting in the airport.  I thought that was a loving gesture! Did the volcano detain any of you?

Will post soon as May is shaping up to be quite a month!



Dear Friends,

Tomorrow morning I head to Chicago, IL to perform for the first time, doing a couple of concerts in town with Anders Nilsson and we’re uber-excited!!  I just love Chicago.  About five years ago my husband and I went there for Labor Day weekend just to hang and it turned out to be one of the best mini-vacations we ever had.  Beautiful city, vibrant cultural scene, incredible history and a major hub for that part of the country. Plus going out the hear music was sublime.  Audiences seemed to be there for the music, not any opportunities for themselves.  Audiences also took the music very seriously.  I loved the vibe and the openness in this HUGE city where the first skyscraper was born. I had such a good time that if it didn’t get so darn cold and windy, I could envision myself moving there.

So I can’t say it enough how thrilled I am to be going there and if you have anyone in the nabe, please let them know what’s up and here’s where we’ll be: On THURSDAY, APRIL 8 we’ll play at the Elastic and then the legendary Velvet Lounge on FRIDAY, APRIL 9 performing pieces from THE FREESONG SUITE, the upcoming release of BARE and free improv forays.  We’ll be joined by a couple of Chicago ‘s finest for the proceedings as well – cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm joins us at the Velvet and drummer Tim Daisy (+ reedist Dave Rempis joining in the 2nd set) at the Elastic.

TIMEOUT CHICAGO was generous enough to spotlight our visit here and we can’t wait to get there.

Happy Spring time to you and stay tuned for more postings talking about Trillium E (Anthony Braxton’s opera), upcoming gigs and more.

Best wishes and enjoy the sun,


Trillium E + Upcoming Gigs This Week

Hey there friends…

If you are in the North Eastern US like I am then the last few days must feel like heaven.  It seems that spring has just sprung up out of nowhere and was it needed!! I’m so happy to see sunny days and warmer temps.  This fresh infusion of Spring happens to coincide with the conclusion of Anthony Braxton’s Trillium E Opera recording, the project I am so proud to be a cast member of.  The experience so far has been one of vast growth and community.  I will delve it this more in a later post when I’ve had a moment to take it all in.  And I haven’t even recorded yet.  The first day of recording was this past Thursday but my first day in is this Saturday . Sunday, March 21st is the last recording day plus the last day of this tremendous experience of making music with a 57 person ensemble and getting a small glimpse at Braxton’s genius.

Soon after..as in the VERY next day…Anders Nilsson and I (as the ExPosed Blues Duo) play an 8PM set as part of the Evolving MUSIC/Evolving VOICE Series on MONDAY, MARCH 22 2010.  Please stop by and hang out with us as we do our bit with free improvisation and blues.  And give us a send off to Chicago in April , where we have a couple performances lined up.  The first that great city!

Then just two days later on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24 join me at the 55BAR for the Early Set where the Jazz Vault Project grooves on with a personnel change for the date:  Oscar Noriega on reeds instead of Michael Attias along with Jose Davila (tuba) and Anders Nilsson (guitar).  We start things off at 7PM. Details and more on the PERFORMANCES tab as well.

In other news, I’ve been given my first fellowship and will spend 2 1/2 weeks this summer as fellow for Music Omi! More info on that here….and stay tuned for info about the final concert in New York. Next posting – much, MUCH more about Trillium E.

Enjoy the sun if you’ve got it near you…


From Moscow into MARCH 2010

Dear Friends,

I hope  all is well with you all!

I felt I was long overdue for a web posting, not realizing that I put nothing up since early February. There’s much to share for what has past and for what’s to come in March. But let me say first that this Winter has been rough and I can’t wait to say goodbye to it.  I am not a winter person and I get ‘weird’ without sunlight for too long so how happy was I that my recent trip to Moscow was not only mild (by Russian standards) but sunny too.  Just returned home from a three night run at the Union Club of Composers at the end of February after a great little run last year. It was a blast!

I don’t sing jazz standards that much anymore, but they are my jazz roots and I love them.  So when the opportunity comes up now and again to sing standards, I really look forward to it.  Especially with a group as good as the Oleg Kireyev Quartet. We hit the day I came off the plane, me without any sleep and all this pent-up plane energy.  The band was ready to go and the audience that night was intimate, and they were WONDERFUL. It was a great show…with three patrons coming to sing to ME they were so appreciative! Some friends I met last year came by to hang out and I left that night feeling thrillingly exhausted – if one can feel that way.  All this without vodka. The next two nights were very different, Friday starting out with a little difficulty connecting with the audience then having the thing just open up in the end.  My last night was PACKED with a warm and expressive audience as well.  Three encores they called for and I sold some CD’s.  After that…an early airport call back home just yesterday. In between..checking out the city as much as I  could on my own and with a friend.  Great experience and here are some links to photos…here and here.

I had a good time at a couple other gigs in February.  A Super Bopwl Sunday  hang as part of Lola Danza’s Think Tank Series (FEBRUARY 7th). Performed a free improvised set with guitarist Simon Jermyn and bassist Ken Filiano at Goodbye Blue Monday and a wonderful night at the 55BAR on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 12th with the Jazz Vault Project having Ratzo Harris joining guitarist Anders Nilsson and reedist Michael Attias and myself.  Thanks to all that came out the gigs!

This March finds me mellow on the gig scene until later in the month as I am terribly honored and deeply humbled to be part of  the Trillium E Project, an opera by the legendary Anthony Braxton.  I’m one of 12 vocalists on this massive project (replete with 45-piece orchestra)  and we’ll record this month…so my life is dedicated to that until then aside for a small duo performance with drummer William Hooker as part of his “SALT” project.  The day after the Trillium E Opera wraps, I’ll play on The Evolving  MUSIC/Evolving VOICE  Series with The ExPosed Blues Duo (w/Anders Nilsson) on MONDAY, MARCH 22.  We head to Chicago in early April to bring our blues and play with Chicago based musicians.  Plus the digital version of BARE will be out this month so we’re celebrating that.  A couple days later on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24 the Jazz Vault Project is back in the 55BAR with Oscar Noriega standing in for Michael Attias on reeds.  All info up on the PERFORMANCES section of the site !

Thanks again for your support and I hope the winter hasn’t gotten you down.  Daylight Savings Time is already next week..spring is in the air!

Sending blossoms,

Fused Blues and February’s Gigs

Dear Friends,

The New Year was off to a great start until the utter devastation of the Haitian Earthquake hit Hispaniola on January 12, 2010.  Many people are so saddened and enraged by what happened and what has taken place since…I’m thinking a lot about what more I can do as obviously so many of you are  by the abundance of benefit concerts and exhibitions for this great cause. I’d love to hear more about what everyone is thinking and what can be done.

At moments like these, I tend to find solace in music and the ability to express feelings that words and perhaps tears cannot even convey.  But through music I can open a portal and letting that flow gets easier and easier.  I felt like a unique door opened this past Saturday at the Brecht Forum where I performed a double bill with the marvelous Kyoko Kitamura.  What a night we had. Kyoko had a great set with dancer Mark Lamb fusing show tunes, art song and clever originals with his movement and words…sorta like sexy cabaret meets the avant-garde.  After that cellist Tomas Ulrich met guitarist Anders Nilsson for a fused blues set and a lot of pain came out of the music and disappeared into the air.

Both sets received standing ovations from a well attended house! Thanks to all that braved to cold to come and share a very special evening with us.

A few days before I was fortunate enough to perform two of Darius Jones’ very soulful pieces at Roulette/Location One as part of Darius’ three-day residency there. A thrilling experience playing his music, pieces with great structure but room to flow and unfurl.

For February 2010,  I’ve a couple gigs in town, gently trying something new.  This coming SUNDAY, February 7th, I’ll appear as part of Lola Danza’s Think Tank Series at GoodBye Blue Monday playing an improvised set with bassist Ken Filiano and guitarist Simon Jermyn. Then on FRIDAY, February 12th, I play the 55BAR with the Jazz Vault Project.  Bassist extraordinaire Ratzo Harris will join us along with Michael Attias on alto & baritone saxophones and Anders Nilsson on guitar.

Near February’s end, I head off to Moscow for a three-day run at the Union Of Composers Club with tenor saxophonist Oleg Kireyev!  Was there last year and had a blast! I just pray it is not COLDER than it was last year…that’s a blast I can live without.  Click here for more info on the club and more.  See you out and about….or on Facebook…or on Twitter…or via email.  Preferably out though, in person, in the flesh.  Much nicer.

in music,

Upcoming Gigs this week…

Dear Friends…

Please join me this week for two very special performances I’m lucky to be involved in! First up, the rambunctiously focused alto saxophonist Darius Jones has three glorious days at the Roulette, starting today, MONDAY, JANUARY 25, 2010 with three different configurations each night.  I’m fortunate to be involved on the last night, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27, 2010 as part of his Elizabeth-Caroline Unit.  More info on that here

Then this coming SATURDAY, JANUARY 30 I join forces with vocalist Kyoko Kitamura for 2 sets of surreal mood-defying and defining music…first Kyoko will release her inner show-tune child with dancer extraordinaire Mark Lamb then guitarist Anders Nilsson, cellist Tomas Ulrich and myself will hopefully spin yarns of darkness, light and all the nuances in between using the blues as the vehicle. and the DEETS are…

“A Remarkable Lollipop (for Adult consumption)”
KYOKO KITAMURA: voice, piano
MARK LAMB: dance
The ExPosed Blues Duo meets Tomas Ulrich

451 West St (West Side Highway)
between Bank and Bethune Streets
A Train to West 4th or 14th Streets

Finally, The FreeSong Suite was reviewed in the JAN/FEB/MAR Issue of Cadence by Jerome Wilson who called the record “an impressive integration of instrumental and vocal calisthenics…Victor’s voice is reminiscent of Betty Carter’s Siren call mixed with the go-for-broke improvising of someone like Ellen Christie.”.
Hope all is well with you and I hope to see you out and about…

Happy NEW 2010, Friends!

Happy New Year and Decade to You all!

First off, thanks to your support, THE FREESONG SUITE did very well after its release back in September 2009!! (See KUDO’s post for the details).

The great reaction is just astounding and I am grateful that the all-original program on THE FREESONG SUITE has resonated so strongly for some listeners.  I’m humbled and feel empowered at the same time because this record was made with so little compromise.  This IS the music we wanted to make, which in turn, makes it all the more incredulous.   I’m thankful to the fantastic group of musicians that make up the Fay Victor Ensemble: Ken Filiano, Anders Nilsson and Michael TA Thompson – a group of musicians into sparring in a democratic way.  I couldn’t ask for more than that.  For 2010…the FVE will start working on material for the next record and future dates for the group in New York City are forthcoming, yet for the most part the first half of 2010, I will be tied up with other things musical and I might add…thrilling! Starting things off with a bang later this month…

Anders Nilsson and I will release ‘BARE‘ our debut release of the ExPosed Blues Duo.  It’ll be available first as a digital download with the physical CD to come later…stay tuned for those details. There is a small licensing glitch with one of the pieces – hence the delay of the release but it’ll be worked out in time….Anders and I will celebrate  the release later in the month at The Brecht Forum (Saturday, January 30th, 2010) with the great Tomas Ulrich on cello –  (actually it will be a double bill with the amazing Kyoko Kitamura and dancer Mark Lamb) and in March as part of the Evolving Voice Vocal Series.

Before that on Thursday, January 14th, I’m at The Stone with the Jazz Vault Project for the 8:00PM Set.  With Michael Attias (alto + baritone saxophone), Jose Davila (tuba)  Anders Nilsson (acoustic guitar), we’ve  been playing out more recently and getting the music together…plus we’ve added new Herbie Nichols pieces to the repertoire. And how great of Matana Roberst to include us when she was booking the Stone. Also, I’m happy to be included in a fantastic project of alto saxophonist Darius Jones (who just took 2nd place as Best Debut in the Village Voice Jazz Critics Poll!) at Roulette on Wednesday, January 27th.

I’ll start rehearsal for a film appearance taking place in February 2010 before heading off to Russia to tour with Tenor Saxophonist Oleg Kireyev in Moscow and beyond. In March 2010, I’ll be gearing up for a major opera project with Anthony Braxton of which I am honored to be a part of!  In April,  Anders Nilsson and I head to Chicago to play the Velvet Lounge and more. May 2010 finds me participating in an absolute dream come true for me – I will be touring in the Netherlands and Germany with the Instant Composers Pool (ICP), one of the most important and influential bands for my whole musical aesthetic. To make the occasion that much sweeter, one of the performances with ICP will take place as part of the MusikTriennale in Koln as a double bill with Henry Threadgill’s ZOOID.

And more…the RUCMA/Arts for Art, Inc. Evolving Voice Vocal Series will continue, now on MONDAYS (as of January 4, 2010) with the Evolving Music Series.  Very excited about the change and the Series itself.  The experience of having all these amazing vocalists take part in the Series is just incredible. I am being shown on a weekly basis how diversely beautiful vocalists can be plus hearing how expressive and unique the voice is. YES! (See the EVOLVING VOICE post for more information)

Plus there are some new sounds up on the Jazz Vault and ExPosed Blues Project respective MySpace pages.  Have a listen here on the Jazz Vault page featuring our uber-special way with “Mood Indigo” and a version of Nichol’s “The Spinning Song”  done as a duo with Michael Attias (alto sax) and myself  – live @ 55BAR in December 2009. And here, on the ExPosed Blues Project page, check out a KILLIN’ version of “Mother Earth” recorded live @ the Stone in July 2009 with Tomas Ulrich on cello.

Thank you for reading and I wish you a happy, healthy, enriching and prosperous New Year.
The Upcoming Gigs section on the home page for all the Gig details and I hope to see you at one of shows.
and finally as a not-so-great leader once said -”Seize the Moment!”

In love and music,