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Fay Victor Ensemble DVD Reviewed in the DMG Music Gallery Newsletter

In April 2008, the Fay Victor Ensemble went on tour for the first time, performing a couple gigs Upstate New York.  One of the venues,  The Sanctuary for Independent Media,  in Troy, NY, offered the opportunity to record a DVD of the performance alongside the gig.  This was great news! The venue ended up received a grant for a 13-part series of jazz performance entitled Free Jazz from the Sanctuary videos featuring some of the world’s most talented improvisers such as Mary Halvorson, Taylor Ho Bynum, Amiri Baraka, William Hooker,  Ethnic Heritage Ensemble and the Fay Victor Ensemble.  Those DVD’s are available for sale at the Downtown Music Gallery and Bruce Gallanter wrote a review of the DVD in the store’s latest newsletter:

Live At The Sanctuary [DVD] (MediaSanctuary; USA) Featuring Fay Victor/vocals, Anders Nilsson/guitar, Ken Filiano/double bass and Michael TA Thompson/drums.

When experimental jazz vocalist Fay Victor moved to NY a few years ago, little did I know that she would become a fave of those in the know from the downtown scene. I dig the way Fay starts off the first piece with a calm, enchanting solo vocal  intro. It does come from the long jazz vocal tradition of using your voice like an instrument before any recognizable words come it. Ms.Victor has chosen an excellent group of collaborators to work with. You can’t do too much better than Anders Nilsson, Ken Filiano & Michael Thompson. Fay occasionally reminds me of Betty Carter but perhaps goes a bit further out. Anders takes the first of a number of great guitar solos, fusion fans take note: he is the real thing with that swell sustained tone yet never overshadows Fay’s steamy voice. The guitar/bass/drums trio do a splendid job of surrounding and supporting Fay’s voice perfectly throughout this entire set.

Ander’s opening unaccompanied guitar solo on “Joe’s Car” is breathtaking and a  great way to begin this fine piece. Fay’s songs always tell little stories that are interesting to consider. The ever-amazing bassist Ken Filiano sounds wonderful and of course takes a couple of extraordinary solos as well. I dig the way Fay captures the old sound/style of jazz singers of yesteryear but still brings this sound to the present and future with advanced music and lyrics. I like the way the drums and bass kick off “Along the Winding Way” with a spacious freer intro before the voice and guitar come back in. In a few ways this is a perfect set that presents Fay Victor and her band in the best light.
Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

DVD  $15

**For ordering and more, click here.
**More info on the Sanctuary for Independent Media and Free Jazz from the Sanctuary series including the other artists involved, click here

The Fay Victor Ensemble @ The Stone July 15, 2009

Next Wednesday The Fay Victor Ensemble will have our debut performance at John Zorn’s space the Stone!  The monthly revolving curatorial system keeps the venue and the programming fresh and guitarist Brandon Ross is curating this month and invited the FVE to take part. We’re thrilled and I hope you will join us.

We’ll perform music from our upcoming  release,  The FreeSong Suite and unleash our wacky, witty strange show with lots for you to enjoy.  The details are below.


The Fay Victor Ensemble

Anders Nilsson-guitar
Ken Filiano-bass
Michael TA Thompson-drums

The Stone
10PM Set
One Set Only

$10 Cover

Corner of Second Street and Avenue C
F,V Train to 2nd Avenue

This is an amazing month of music too!  Check out the calendar to see when folks like Meshell Ndegocello, Lizz Wright, Vijay Iyer, Myra Melford, Mark Taylor and Duck Baker just for starters…

Like Water for Chocolate

I had the quietest 4th of July holiday in recent memory.  Life has been so hectic and chaotic of late that having a couple days to do nothing was perfect.  The idea of heading to someones BBQ, the least appealing in recent memory.  The only problem is my husband and I  are a restless pair, not too content to stay motionless for long.  I try, he tries..I manage when I meditate and that took years to get to.

So we ended up doing a couple things anyway.  One of those was to head out to Coney Island yesterday morning to hear the water.  Jochem had never been there before and I had been talking about this pier that I love.

There is a pier for fishing that juts way out into New York Bay.  Only fisherman hang there non-stop.  It’s boring and quiet and since you’re in the middle of the bay the water’s ebb and flow is tranquil as well before they push forth to become soft waves later at the shore.

I stood there for a long time, eyes closed listening to the water and knew I have to  live closer to water somehow or come here more often to listen to the Bay sway back and forth.  Coming up with melodies as natural as the light dancing off the water and re-affirming the importance of listening again.  Listening intently to what is around.  To  slow down. It didn’t take long to feel that way.