Upcoming shows
BROOKLYN, NYSista's Place12/16/179:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYBarbes12/26/178:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar12/28/177:00pmMap
New York, New YorkClemente Soto Velez01/10/188:00pmBuy TicketsMap
Winter Jazz Festival01/12/189:00pmMap
New York, NYLe Poisson Rouge01/17/188:00pmMap
Past show archive
New York, New YorkClemente Soto Velez12/07/179:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, New YorkROULETTE-Brooklyn12/06/178:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar11/30/177:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYBarbes11/18/176:00pmMap
New York, New YorkDizzy's Club Coca-Cola11/16/178:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYBRIC House11/12/173:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYBRIC House11/11/178:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYBRIC House11/10/178:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYBRIC House11/09/178:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Stone11/04/178:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar10/26/177:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, New YorkROULETTE-Brooklyn10/12/178:00pmMap
El Taller10/09/179:00pmMap
New York, New YorkSpectrum Loft Space10/06/179:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Stone10/01/178:30pmMap
NEW YORK, NYInGardens09/30/174:30pmMap
BROOKLYN, New YorkROULETTE-Brooklyn09/29/177:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar09/28/177:00pmMap
AmsterdamZaal 10009/12/179:00pmMap
New York, NYClub Bonafide09/05/177:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar08/31/177:00pmMap
Washington, DCCapital Fringe08/19/179:30pmMap
New York, NYESP DISK08/04/171:00pmMap
New York, NYClub Bonafide08/01/177:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar07/27/177:00pmMap
Vancouver, BCVancouver International Jazz Festival06/24/178:00pmMap
New York, NYGreenwich Music House06/23/177:30pmMap
Brooklyn, New YorkLittleFields06/21/177:00pmMap
New York, NYClub Bonafide06/06/177:00pmMap
New York, NYMuseum of Modern Art06/05/1711:30amMap
NEW YORK, NYVision Festival 2206/03/174:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYVision Festival 2206/03/1710:30pmMap
New York, NYNuBlu06/02/1712:00amMap
Hartford, CTRealArtWays05/28/173:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar05/25/177:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Stone05/21/179:00pmMap
New York, New YorkSymphony Space05/19/178:00pmMap
New Orleans, LAAllways Lounge05/04/1710:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar04/27/177:00pmMap
New YorkOMNIPRESENCE04/14/178:45pmMap
Brooklyn, New YorkNew Revolution Arts @ The Legion04/09/178:00pmMap
New York, NYThe Jazz Standard04/08/177:30pmMap
Brooklyn, New YorkSoup and Sound Series04/07/177:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar03/30/177:00pmMap
Brooklyn, New YorkNational Sawdust03/29/177:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYSouth Oxford Space03/26/174:00pmMap
New York, NYAlchemist Kitchen03/10/179:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar01/26/177:00pmMap
San Francisco, CAGlorious Ravage - CD/DVD Recording01/12/178:00pmMap
New York, New YorkClemente Soto Velez01/07/178:00pmMap
New York, New YorkClemente Soto Velez01/03/178:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar12/29/167:00pmMap
Marlboro, NYLive at the Falcon11/19/168:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Stone11/13/168:00pmMap
New York, NYGreenwich Music House11/12/168:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar10/27/167:00pmMap
New York, NYSMALL'S10/23/168:00pmMap
New York, NYSt. Peter's Church10/15/168:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYInGardens10/09/164:45pmMap
NEW YORKRendall Memorial Presbyterian Church10/07/168:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar09/29/167:00pmMap
New York, NYThe New School09/24/168:00pmMap
Montreal, QBLa Passe09/18/168:00pmMap
Montreal, QBCafe Obscura09/17/169:00pmMap
Montreal, QBResonance Cafe09/16/168:00pmMap
Montreal, QBMontreal Improvisors Tour09/15/168:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYThe North Square Lounge09/11/1612:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar08/25/167:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYManhattan Inn08/18/169:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Stone08/17/1610:00pmMap
NY, NYThe Lexington Hotel08/13/165:00pmMap
Kerhonkson, NYROSWELL RUDD RECORDING08/06/161:00pmMap
Kerhonkson, NYROSWELL RUDD RECORDING08/03/161:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar07/28/167:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYBarbes07/09/166:00pmMap
New York, NY 10013 Fridman Gallery07/06/167:30pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar06/30/167:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYGIN FIZZ Harlem06/22/169:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYVision Festival 2206/12/165:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYVision Festival 2206/10/168:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar05/26/167:00pmMap
CHICAGO, ILConstellation05/14/168:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYSouth Oxford Space05/06/168:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar04/28/167:00pmMap
New York, New YorkClemente Soto Velez04/10/168:00pmMap
New York, New YorkClemente Soto Velez04/10/168:00pmMap
BERKELEY, CAThe California Conservatory04/03/1612:00pmMap
BERKELEY, CAThe California Conservatory04/02/168:00pmMap
San Francisco, CARed Poppy House04/01/168:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar03/31/167:00pmMap
Amherst, MAHAMPSHIRE College03/22/166:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYGIN FIZZ Harlem03/18/1610:00pmMap
Washington DCHill Center03/16/167:30pmMap
Amsterdam, NHZaal 10002/28/161:00pmMap
Koln, GERMANYDe Loft02/26/168:00pmMap
AMSTERDAM, The NetherlandsBIMHUIS02/25/168:00pmMap
AntwerpRoyal Conservatory Antwerp02/22/161:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYST. Joseph's College02/17/161:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYSista's Place02/13/168:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar01/28/167:00pmMap
Chicago, ILThe Hungry Brain01/24/168:00pmMap
CHICAGO, ILConstellation01/23/168:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYI-BEAM01/20/168:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Stone01/15/1610:00pmMap
New York, New YorkClemente Soto Velez01/06/168:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar12/31/157:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYWeeksville Heritage Center11/18/156:00pmMap
New York, NYLe Poisson Rouge11/15/153:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYGIN FIZZ Harlem11/13/1510:00pmMap
Baltimore, MDCaton's Castle11/07/156:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYBrownstone Jazz10/30/158:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar10/29/157:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYInGardens10/11/151:00pmMap
San Francisco, CABRAVA Theater10/02/158:00pmMap
San Francisco, CABRAVA Theater10/01/158:00pmMap
Los Angeles, CAAngle City Jazz Festival09/26/158:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYGIN FIZZ Harlem09/18/1510:00pmMap
NY, NYWHYNOT Jazz Room09/13/158:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar08/27/157:00pmMap
NEW YORKRendall Memorial Presbyterian Church08/25/1512:00pmMap
NY, NYThe Lexington Hotel08/21/156:00pmMap
San Francisco, CAde Young Museum08/07/158:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar07/30/157:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYBarbes07/12/156:00pmMap
THE VISION FESTIVAL XX07/10/1510:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar06/25/157:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYGIN FIZZ Harlem06/19/1510:00pmMap
Hartford, CTRealArtWays06/07/154:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYFunkadelic Studios06/06/158:00pmMap
, New YorkMUSIC OMI International06/03/158:00pmPRIVATEMap
Brooklyn, NYKorzo KONCEPTIONS Series06/02/1510:30pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar05/28/157:00pmMap
BERKELEY, CAThe California Conservatory05/24/1512:00pmMap
BERKELEY, CAThe California Conservatory05/23/158:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYNew York University05/06/153:30pmMap
BROOKLYN, New YorkROULETTE-Brooklyn05/06/158:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar04/30/157:00pmMap
IstanbulBogazici University - MASTERCLASS04/22/158:00pmMap
BERNBERN University of the Arts04/17/1511:00amMap
KölnSalon De Jazz04/11/158:00pmMap
RijkevorselDe Singer04/10/158:00pmMap
AMSTERDAMMaarten Luther Kerk04/09/158:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYGIN FIZZ Harlem03/27/1510:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar03/26/157:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYI-BEAM03/25/158:00pmMap
Washington, DCHouse of Sweden03/08/156:00pmMap
Washington, DCLevine School of Music03/07/1511:00amMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar02/26/157:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYI-BEAM02/22/157:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYBrownstone Jazz02/21/157:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYBarbes02/14/156:00pmMap
NEW YORK, New YorkHarlem Stage02/12/157:30pmMap
New York, New YorkClemente Soto Velez01/30/159:30pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar01/29/157:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, New YorkROULETTE-Brooklyn01/17/158:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYThe North Square Lounge01/04/1512:30pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Stone12/23/148:00pmMap
NY, NYThe Lexington Hotel12/16/146:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYI-BEAM12/02/148:00pmMap
CHICAGO, ILConstellation11/28/148:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYJack11/25/148:00pmMap
NY, NYThe Lexington Hotel11/18/146:00pmMap
New Revolution Arts11/15/148:30pmMap
NY, NYThe Lexington Hotel11/05/146:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar10/30/147:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYItalian Institute @ Columbia University10/22/147:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYInGardens10/13/144:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYI-BEAM10/07/148:00pmMap
NEW YORK, New YorkHarlem Stage09/28/148:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar09/25/147:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYUnion Pool09/04/147:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar08/28/147:00pmMap
NY, NYThe Lexington Hotel08/26/146:00pmMap
NY, NYThe Lexington Hotel08/12/146:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Stone08/03/1410:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar07/31/147:00pmMap
NY, NYThe Lexington Hotel07/22/146:00pmMap
NY, NYWHYNOT Jazz Room07/13/147:30pmMap
NY, NYThe Lexington Hotel07/08/146:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYThe North Square Lounge07/06/1412:30pmMap
New York, New YorkClemente Soto Velez06/30/148:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar06/21/146:00pmMap
NY, NYThe Lexington Hotel06/17/146:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, New YorkROULETTE-Brooklyn06/15/146:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYThe Jazz Gallery06/05/148:00pmMap
, New YorkMUSIC OMI International06/04/148:00pmMap
Greenfield, MAArts Block Cafe05/25/148:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYBrooklyn Conservatory of Music05/15/148:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYBarbes05/02/146:00pmMap
NY, NYThe Lexington Hotel04/29/146:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar04/24/148:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, New YorkROULETTE-Brooklyn04/12/148:00pmMap
NY, NYThe Lexington Hotel04/08/146:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar03/27/147:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYThe CLASSON Social Club03/22/148:00pmMap
New York, NYMichiko Studios03/14/148:00pmMap
NY, NYThe Lexington Hotel03/11/146:00pmMap
Baltimore, MDThe WIndup Space03/09/148:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar02/27/147:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, New YorkROULETTE-Brooklyn02/26/146:30pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYThe CLASSON Social Club02/22/148:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYI-BEAM02/14/148:00pmMap
NY, NYThe Lexington Hotel02/11/148:00pmMap
CHICAGO, ILConstellation02/01/148:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, New YorkROULETTE-Brooklyn01/22/148:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar12/26/138:00pmMap
New York, NYGreenwich Music House12/20/138:00pmMap
MilanTeatro Manzoni12/15/1311:00amMap
Ghent, NYARTOmi12/07/138:00pmMap
Beacon, NYQuinn's12/02/138:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NY Douglass Street Music Collective11/26/137:00pmMap
New York, NYLe Poisson Rouge11/24/138:00pmMap
Hartford, CTRealArtWays11/16/134:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYJack11/13/138:00pmMap
HOUSE CONCERT11/08/138:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYI-BEAM11/02/138:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar10/31/137:00pmMap
NEW YORK, NYInGardens10/13/134:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NY Issue Project Room09/27/138:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar09/26/137:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar08/29/137:00pmMap
Oakland, CADuende08/17/138:00pmMap
San Francisco, CACenter for New Music08/16/138:00pmMap
Los Angeles, CAHammer Museum08/15/138:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar07/25/137:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Stone07/23/1310:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYShapeshifter Lab07/02/138:15pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar06/27/137:00pmMap
Baltimore, MDCaton's Castle06/22/138:00pmMap
New York, NYZinc Bar06/20/139:00pmMap
New York, New YorkCornelia Street Cafe06/18/138:30pmMap
New York, NY5C Cafe06/15/138:00pmMap
, BrooklynRed Hook Jazz Festival06/09/131:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar05/30/137:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYJack05/11/136:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar04/25/138:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, New YorkROULETTE-Brooklyn04/21/138:00pmMap
New York, New YorkClemente Soto Velez04/08/138:00pmMap
New Haven, CTFirehouse 1203/29/138:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar03/28/137:00pmMap
D-10117 Berlin-Mitte Aufsturz03/02/138:00pmMap
D-10117 Berlin-Mitte Aufsturz03/01/138:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, New YorkROULETTE-Brooklyn02/16/138:00pmMap
New York, NYDROM02/12/138:00pmMap
New York, New YorkClemente Soto Velez02/01/138:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar01/31/137:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYI-BEAM01/26/138:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYBAM Cafe01/25/139:00pmMap
New York, New YorkCornelia Street Cafe01/22/138:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYI-BEAM01/12/138:00pmMap
New York, NYSt. Peter's Church01/07/137:30pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYI-BEAM01/05/138:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar12/27/127:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Brecht Forum12/15/128:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar11/29/127:00pmMap
San Francisco, CAYerba Buena Center for the Arts11/16/128:00pmMap
Los Angeles, CAThe Blue Whale11/14/128:00pmMap
Sacramento, CALuna's Cafe & Juice Bar11/12/128:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar10/25/127:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar09/27/128:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Brecht Forum09/09/127:00pmMap
New York, New YorkSpectrum Loft Space08/25/128:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar08/23/127:00pmMap
New York Jazz Workshop08/09/128:00pmMap
New York, NYZir Zamin08/08/128:00pmMap
New York, New YorkCornelia Street Cafe07/31/1210:00pmMap
W F M U07/20/128:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar07/04/127:00pmMap
New York, New YorkClemente Soto Velez06/25/127:30pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYThe VISION Festival XVII06/11/128:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar06/04/127:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYBarbes05/16/128:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar05/11/126:00pmMap
New York, New YorkClemente Soto Velez04/30/128:45pmMap
MuensterMuseum for the LackKunst03/15/128:00pmMap
BerlinAtelier 5217003/13/128:00pmMap
St. Johann in TirolArtActs Festival AUSTRIA03/09/128:00pmMap
AMSTERDAM, The NetherlandsBIMHUIS03/07/128:30pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYThe Firehouse Space02/10/128:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar01/25/127:00pmMap
New York, New YorkClemente Soto Velez01/16/127:30pmMap
New York, NYAPAP-Association of Performing Art Presenters01/05/121:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar12/23/116:00pmNO COVER 2 drink MinimumMap
EUROPEThe INVISIBLE BLOW TOUR w/Ab Baars Trio11/26/118:00pmMap
EUROPEThe INVISIBLE BLOW TOUR w/Ab Baars Trio11/25/118:00pmMap
EUROPEThe INVISIBLE BLOW TOUR w/Ab Baars Trio11/22/118:00pmMap
EUROPEThe INVISIBLE BLOW TOUR w/Ab Baars Trio11/21/118:00pmMap
EUROPEThe INVISIBLE BLOW TOUR w/Ab Baars Trio11/20/118:00pmMap
EUROPEThe INVISIBLE BLOW TOUR w/Ab Baars Trio11/19/118:00pmMap
EUROPEThe INVISIBLE BLOW TOUR w/Ab Baars Trio11/18/118:00pmMap
EUROPEThe INVISIBLE BLOW TOUR w/Ab Baars Trio11/17/118:00pmMap
EUROPEThe INVISIBLE BLOW TOUR w/Ab Baars Trio11/16/118:00pmMap
EUROPEThe INVISIBLE BLOW TOUR w/Ab Baars Trio11/13/118:00pmMap
EUROPEThe INVISIBLE BLOW TOUR w/Ab Baars Trio11/12/118:00pmMap
EUROPEThe INVISIBLE BLOW TOUR w/Ab Baars Trio11/11/118:00pmMap
EUROPEThe INVISIBLE BLOW TOUR w/Ab Baars Trio11/10/118:00pmMap
New York, New YorkClemente Soto Velez10/31/1110:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYI-BEAM10/28/118:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYKorzo KONCEPTIONS Series10/25/119:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, New YorkROULETTE-Brooklyn10/08/118:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, New YorkROULETTE-Brooklyn10/07/118:00pmMap
GERMANY"Blues Breezing through Germany" Tour09/24/118:00pmMap
GERMANY"Blues Breezing through Germany" Tour09/23/118:00pmMap
GERMANY"Blues Breezing through Germany" Tour09/22/118:00pmMap
BERKELEY, CAThe California Conservatory09/10/118:00pmMap
New York, NY92YTribeca08/24/118:00pmMap
EUROPEThe INVISIBLE BLOW TOUR w/Ab Baars Trio08/18/118:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar07/30/116:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar07/22/1110:00pmMap
Metro Baptist Church07/09/117:30pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar07/04/117:00pmMap
New York, NY5C Cafe06/25/118:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Stone06/19/1110:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, New YorkConnie Crother's LOFT SPACE06/12/113:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe VISION Festival XVI06/06/117:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar06/03/116:00pmMap
New York, New YorkCornelia Street Cafe05/23/118:00pmMap
New York, New YorkTheater LAB05/22/112:00pmMap
New York, NYUniversity of the Streets05/03/118:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar04/19/117:00pmNO cover, 1 drink minimumMap
New York, New YorkThe Local 26904/11/117:00pmMap
New York, NYFat Baby's04/10/118:00pmMap
Philadelphia, PennsylavaniaArs Nova Workshop04/02/118:00pmMap
New York, NYUniversity of the Streets03/19/118:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, NYKnitting Factory – Brooklyn03/18/118:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYBarbes03/02/118:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYWilliamsburg Fashion Weekend02/18/118:00pmMap
New York, New YorkClemente Soto Velez01/16/118:00pmMap
New York, NYUniversity of the Streets01/15/118:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar01/13/117:00pmMap
Metro Baptist Church01/08/118:00pmMap
New York, NYAPAP-Association of Performing Art Presenters01/05/111:45pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Local 26912/20/108:00pm$10 per set and $20 bucks buys the whole night...Map
New York, NYThe 55 Bar12/09/107:00pmMap
New York, NY5C Cafe12/03/108:00pmMap
New York, NYThe Shrine11/18/108:00pmMap
GERMANY"Blues Breezing through Germany" Tour11/08/108:00pmMap
GERMANY"Blues Breezing through Germany" Tour11/05/108:00pmMap
GERMANY"Blues Breezing through Germany" Tour11/03/108:00pmMap
GERMANY"Blues Breezing through Germany" Tour11/02/108:00pmMap
GERMANY"Blues Breezing through Germany" Tour10/30/108:00pmMap
GERMANY"Blues Breezing through Germany" Tour10/29/108:00pmMap
GERMANY"Blues Breezing through Germany" Tour10/26/108:00pmMap
GERMANY"Blues Breezing through Germany" Tour10/25/108:00pmMap
GERMANY"Blues Breezing through Germany" Tour10/23/108:00pmMap
GERMANY"Blues Breezing through Germany" Tour10/22/108:00pmMap
GERMANY"Blues Breezing through Germany" Tour10/21/108:00pmMap
Utrecht, UtrechtSJU JazzPodium10/10/102:00pmMap
HOORN, The NetherlandsJazz Affairs10/02/108:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Local 26909/20/107:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYBarbes09/15/108:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Local 26909/06/108:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Local 26908/16/108:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, New YorkROULETTE-Brooklyn08/09/107:00pmMap
MUSIC OMI07/22/108:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar07/02/106:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYRose Live Music06/27/1010:30pmMap
New York, New YorkThe VISION Festival XVI06/25/108:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NY Issue Project Room06/19/106:00pmMap
New Haven, CTFirehouse 1205/28/108:00pmMap
AMSTERDAM, The NetherlandsBIMHUIS05/14/108:00pmMap
DEN HAAG, The NetherlandsHet Paard van Troje05/13/108:00pmMap
KOLN, GermanyMUSIK Trienniale05/12/108:00pmMap
Metro Baptist Church05/08/107:00pmMap
New York, NY5C Cafe05/01/108:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Local 26904/26/108:00pmMap
Chicago, ILThe Velvet Lounge04/09/108:00pmMap
Chicago, ILThe Elastic04/08/108:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar03/24/107:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Local 26903/22/109:00pmMap
New York, New YorkBowery Poetry Club03/07/108:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYBarbes03/02/108:00pmMap
MoscowRussian Tour02/23/10TBDMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar02/12/106:00pmMap
Brooklyn, NYGoodbye Blue Monday02/07/109:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Brecht Forum01/30/108:00pmMap
BROOKLYN, New YorkROULETTE-Brooklyn01/27/108:30pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Stone01/14/108:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar12/23/097:00pmNo Cover, 2 drink MinimumMap
New York, New York1050 Lounge12/06/092:00pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar11/23/097:00pmMap
New York, New YorkClemente Soto Velez11/20/098:00pmMap
Brooklyn, New YorkLe Grand Dakar11/19/098:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Local 26911/03/096:30pmMap
New York, NYThe 55 Bar10/29/097:00pmMap
New York, New YorkThe Brecht Forum01/30/098:00pmMap
, New YorkMUSIC OMI InternationalTBDMap
GERMANY"Blues Breezing through Germany" Tour8:00pmMap
GERMANY"Blues Breezing through Germany" Tour8:00pmMap
GERMANY"Blues Breezing through Germany" Tour8:00pmMap
San Francisco, CAGlorious Ravage - CD/DVD RecordingTBDMap
San Francisco, CAGlorious Ravage - CD/DVD RecordingTBDMap
San Francisco, CAGlorious Ravage - CD/DVD RecordingTBDMap
San Francisco, CAGlorious Ravage - CD/DVD RecordingTBDMap
San Francisco, CAGlorious Ravage - CD/DVD Recording8:00pmMap
Brooklyn, New YorkSoup and Sound Series7:00pmMap
Brooklyn, New YorkSoup and Sound Series7:00pmMap
Brooklyn, New YorkSoup and Sound Series7:00pmMap
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4 Replies to “Gigs”

  1. Hi Fay –

    wanted to see if you are interested in doing a gig in Mar. – can you please send me your email & I can tell you more…

    I need to get back to curator fairly soon…

    thanks very much!!


  2. Hello,
    I had had occasion to meet you at my friend Mossa Bildner’s show on Houston, +/-6 months ago. We spoke briefly, and unfortunately I couldn’t attend an upcoming gig you were going to have. I found this site recently and ordered some CD’s, Freesong Suite and Lazy Old Sun. Whew, they both kick serious butt! A joy in my ears. thanks so much for your gifts. I hope to see you live whenever it happens next in NYC. cheers. Scott

  3. Hello Ms. Victor

    I really really really love Kaiso Stories. Outstanding…one of those works of Art that sustains, motivates and inspires.

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    All the very best to you,


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