April 2011 News and Views

Dear Friends,

Happy Spring…or as happy as one can be this Spring.  Still brrrrr in NYC as I write and the world’s gone haywire (more on that later in this post) but I’m keeping the music going because it’s healing, soothing and stabilizing and with music, I’m having a good time. Before I get into what’s up for April, I want to extend many thanks for the friends – old and new – that came out to hear the ExPosed Blues Duo at Barbes and the Fay Victor Ensemble at University of the Streets in March. The FVE gig was especially thrilling because we unveiled all new music that’s studio bound and power house violinist Jason Hwang came by and shot a great video.  Take a look at that here and share your thoughts. Save the date for the next FVE gig on MONDAY, MAY 23rd as part of the 21st Century Schizoid Series at Cornelia Street Cafe…
VIDEO: Fay Victor Ensemble @ University of the Streets

And in April there is some amazing news to share.  This coming Saturday, April 2nd, I’ll go down to Philadelphia to perform with the incredible Dutch Tentet The Instant Composer’s Pool Orchestra(headed by pianist Misha Mengelberg and drummer Han Bennink) at Ars Nova Workshop. I toured with them for the first time last May and it was a BLAST! so honored that they asked me again and for you NY’ers they are at Le Poisson Rouge this Thursday night.  Please go!  and next week SUNDAY, APRIL 10th the ExPosed Blues Duo has a hit on a new Series at FatBaby’s.  We’re on the 8PM Set and the next day please join myself and Arts for Art for our FIRST concert of the EVOLVING SERIES in our new location at Clemente Soto Velez!! After two wonderful years, it was time to move the Series from the Local 269…we had a great time there and it’s hard to start new and make a change, especially when the experience was fruitful and help set the stage for where we’ll go in the future. At the Clemente Soto Velez, we feel there’s more space to expand and I hope you’ll join us every Monday night at this NEW location as of MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2011.

Celemente Soto Velez
107 Suffolk Street
Bet. Rivington & Delancey
F/J/M Train to Delancy/Essex Streets

and what a line-up we have planned!

7PM: Fay Victor/Dominic Lash DUO
Dominic Lash-bass

8PM: Theo Bleckmann/Jay Clayton DUO
Theo Bleckmann-voice
Jay Clayton-voice

9PM: Charles Gayle’s Forgiveness
Charles Gayle-tenor sax
Francois Grillot-bass
Michael Wimberly -drums

10PM: Arts for Artestra, conducted by Charles Gayle
Charles Gayle (tenor sax, conduction)
Matt Lavelle (trumpet, bass clarinet), Chris DiMeglio (trumpet), Ras Moshe (tenor sax)
Yoni Kretzmer (tenor sax), Dave Sewelson (baritone sax), Sarah Bernstein (violin)
James Keepnews (guitar), Brad Farberman (guitar), James Ilgenfritz (bass)
Francois Grillot (bass), Michael Wimberly (drums), Mike Pride (drums)

$10 per set – $20 buys the whole night – not a bad deal.
more info here.

And on TUESDAY, APRIL 19th, please join me for the Early Set at the 55BAR, performing with the Jazz Vault project and dipping into the repertoire of seminal pianists Thelonious Monk and Herbie Nichols.  Bringing the month full circle gig-wise as concert with ICP will include much of this repertoire. In other news, Kaiso Stories is starting to get reviews and the initial words on the project have been incredible.  On April 11th, I’ll be on Jason Crane’s the Jazz Session talking about Kaiso Stories and a lot more.  This will be my second time on the podcast and talking with Jason is a relaxed and lovely affair.  Please tune in to this podcast and there so much more, take a look and listen here.

I hope to see you out at the shows just to share some new and old music that comes from an honest place. These are difficult, trying times around us.  The earthquake in Japan and its aftermath, civil unrest all over the Middle East and the horror in Libya not to mention the dwindling prospects and the clearer adgenda of the powers that be in the USA has many feeling a heavy sense of hopelessness.  A sense that all the good things to work for are going away. Sort of everything is upside down and twisted and right or wrong have lost all meaning.  Maybe I’m old fashioned or just getting old but the world feels like a particularly alien place at the moment and I guess I’m wondering what I feel and what can I do.  In that wondering, I remembered a song of Mose Allison called “Ever Since The World Ended”(also an album of the same name on BlueNote Records-1987).  As I started thinking about the words and singing the song to myself, I started to cry because the words mean so much right now and moreover it shows once again how necessary artistic creation is – in my inability to explain my feelings, a song lyric does the trick:

VIDEO: Mose Allison-Ever Since the World Ended

Ever Since The World Ended

Ever since the world ended,

I don’t go out as much.

People that I once befriended

Just don’t bother to stay in touch.

Things that used to seem so splendid

Don’t really matter today.

It’s just as well the world ended–

It wasn’t working anyway.


Every since the world ended,

There’s no more bible belt.

Remember how we all pretended?

Going ’round, lying ’bout the way we felt.

Every rule has been amended,

There’s no one keeping score.

It’s just as well the world ended

We couldn’t have taken much more.


Ever since the world ended,

There’s no more black or white.

Ever since we all got blended,

there’s no more reason to fuss and fight.

Dogmas that we once defended

no longer seem worthwhile.

Ever since the world ended,

I face the future–

With a smile.


Hoping you are all coping and pushing forward.

In music,

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