Upcoming Gigs this week…

Dear Friends…

Please join me this week for two very special performances I’m lucky to be involved in! First up, the rambunctiously focused alto saxophonist Darius Jones has three glorious days at the Roulette, starting today, MONDAY, JANUARY 25, 2010 with three different configurations each night.  I’m fortunate to be involved on the last night, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 27, 2010 as part of his Elizabeth-Caroline Unit.  More info on that here

Then this coming SATURDAY, JANUARY 30 I join forces with vocalist Kyoko Kitamura for 2 sets of surreal mood-defying and defining music…first Kyoko will release her inner show-tune child with dancer extraordinaire Mark Lamb then guitarist Anders Nilsson, cellist Tomas Ulrich and myself will hopefully spin yarns of darkness, light and all the nuances in between using the blues as the vehicle. and the DEETS are…

“A Remarkable Lollipop (for Adult consumption)”
KYOKO KITAMURA: voice, piano
MARK LAMB: dance
The ExPosed Blues Duo meets Tomas Ulrich

451 West St (West Side Highway)
between Bank and Bethune Streets
A Train to West 4th or 14th Streets

Finally, The FreeSong Suite was reviewed in the JAN/FEB/MAR Issue of Cadence by Jerome Wilson who called the record “an impressive integration of instrumental and vocal calisthenics…Victor’s voice is reminiscent of Betty Carter’s Siren call mixed with the go-for-broke improvising of someone like Ellen Christie.”.
Hope all is well with you and I hope to see you out and about…

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