The Evolving Voice Series

The Evolving Music/Voice Series is a weekly series run by RUCMA/Arts for Art. Inc. on Monday Nights at THE LOCAL 269, a venue in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.  The Evolving Music Series started back in April of last year with the Vocal Series starting up in August 2009.  I curate the Vocal Series and I’ll talk mostly about that…so you have some information on what the series is about and why it is turning into such a wonderful thing!

When the owners of THE LOCAL 269 approached Patricia Nicholson Parker, Executive Director of the Arts for Art. Inc & The Vision Festival, to curate a Vocal Series, they had something else in mind.  They wanted breezy vocals to coax in passers-by on weekend afternoons during the summer. THE LOCAL 269 IS on a fantastic corner – so not a bad idea at all. But Patricia and I had something else in mind that we wanted to try…she being a staunch supporter of innovation and avant-garde art, music and dance (she did start and curates The Vision Festival after all) and myself an improvising vocalist with a definite affinity to vocalists that think out of the box with their voices and concepts.  We thought lets make the series more experimental, not exclusionary by genre or style and focus on vocalist/poets/spoken word artists that have a strong way of saying their own thing. THE LOCAL 269 liked the  programming direction we wanted and so we started, booking Tuesdays at first with two vocal sets on that night.

I am most grateful to the vocalists that signed on at the beginning, who were enthusiastic and felt the need in the community for a space like this to perform, especially since we didn’t know how it would work out. That vocal legends like Ellen Christie and Jay Clayton expressed joy at the idea and support for it from the start was just magnificent. What ‘evolved’ was a true cavalcade of deliciously interested and interesting vocalists who presented themselves with their voice.  Many things I heard, I hadn’t before or knew that it could even be done that way! So inspiring to hear strong voices proclaiming their thing and fortunately we have the space to make it happen. A true gift.  In addition to these riches are the musicians the vocalists carry in tow, usually just as unruly and rebellious as they are. Many musicians come and hang at the series as well. Now that the Vocal Series has merged with the Experimental Music Series, expect more melding too…more contact, more community and hopefully more inspiration. Please tell all your friends or anyone that loves good music and vocalists.  Things are good now but for that to continue, we need your support and your faces in the place!

Here’s a small list of the vocalists that have appeared on the Series so far: Jay Clayton, Ellen Christie, Leena Conquest, Jean Carla Rodea, Lola Danza, Lorin Benedict, Pyeng Threadgill, Lisa Sokolov, Yoon Sun Choi,  Juju Seahorse, Mossa Bildner, Jen Shyu, Sarah James, Golda Solomon, INTUIT,  Kyoko Kitamura, Chris DiMeglio,  Gina Leishman, Andrea Wolper, Becca Stevens, Mary DeProphetis, Ingrid Sertso, Nora McCarthy, Rosi Hertlein, Dean Bowman, Adam Matta, Steve Dalichinsky, Alison Wedding.

I thank ALL the vocalists and wordsmiths that have taken the stage and some of the upcoming vocalists on the series will BE:  Sara Serpa, Theo Bleckmann, Katie Bull, Mary DeProphetis, Yoon Sun Choi, John Zorn’s Vocal Masada Quartet and much, much more…Keep in touch with the Evolving Music/Voice Series schedule here and here.

We hope to see you and thanks for reading. More practical info below.

Corner of Suffolk Street & E. Houston
F/V Train to 2nd Avenue
First Set of Music: 7:00PM
Doors open: 6:00PM

KEEP in TOUCH with Evolving Music/Voice Series:

Set Times will vary for the Vocal sets, please check schedule for exact times.

Vocalists in photos from top to bottom: Dean Bowman, Leena Conquest, Yoon Sun Choi & Sissel Vera Pedersen

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  1. Mailing List, please! I am a vocalist/ music maker, pat time resident of NYC, would love to keep in touch to come see a show or two when I am in town, and perhaps one day do a show or two.

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